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Walker fetus

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I brought this up a lot last year with christa but I kind of (since this game is just plain dark now) want to see Rebbecca miscarry the baby and have the baby eat its way out of Rebecca. It would be interesting for Rebecca to show signs of being bit cause the baby bit her on the inside. just saying, not trying to get oh your a monster comments, its fictional guys

  • haha, that would be funny!

  • Couple point's to make..

    First, I havent seen any proof that babies cannot be born during a ZA.. Even Lori had a healthy baby.

    Concider a fetus in the womb.. In order for it to become a zombie, it would have to die somehow.. Then a zombie fetus would most likely be smaller than most newborns, have no teeth, very under-developed and proably un-able to cause much internal harm to the mother.

    I understand this would create a unsettling scene and may work for the "OMG" factor, but I dont think it would really be likely to happen..

    If for some reason a fetus were to die at or near full term, the body would most likely automatically abort it and I just dont see it as being able to cause much injury.

    • umm to your first point ( maybe you misunderstood?) I didn't say she couldn't have a baby I just said what if? they are walking a lot and in the cold. also my nephew and I were both born with teeth so It could happen. also a moving person inside you would do a LOT of damage no matter how small and considering it looks like Rebecca could pop at any moment that would be horrible. yeah her body would probably abort but could it do it in time?

      • maybe you have a choice to put the zombie baby or rebeccer out their misery like with sam

      • I didnt misunderstand.. I just pointed out that the likelyhood of it happening is pretty remote. I believe most babies would survive to be born healthy. There are many factors that could cause an unborn baby to die especially during a ZA.. The emotional stress on the mother, physical stresses like injuries from running/hiding, malnutrition. Overall it would be a bad time to get pregnant.

        You and your nephew both being born with teeth, not unheard of, but still fairly rare.

        The American Academy of Pediatrics, and American Dental Association all recommend that all children have their first dental visit by their 1st birthday or when the first tooth comes in ( Usually between 6 months and 12 months of age).

        I was gong by a more medical fact that "most" babies are born without teeth.

        I think this topic would be "possible" but so highly unlikely.

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    CannibalCarl BANNED

    Because unborn babies have teeth..

  • Is it just me or is people starting to mistake The Walking Dead with Alien movies?

  • Babies in the womb don't eat they get nutrients from the mother via umbilical cord so I don't think a zombie baby in the womb would have the feeding drive that adult zombies have.

    • yeah but im thinking when it goes zombie it might start acting differently and maybe try to tug away from that cord or something, i mean who knows? have they done anything like this in a zombie movie before? also what if Rebecca turned to zombie what would happen to the baby inside of her? would she be a walker that gets killed only to have a time bomb walker escape after they assumed they're done with her? Also would be easier for it to get out of a rotting body than an alive person, just theories they don't necessarily have to be correct just have a little thought put into them. Still i enjoy the feedback.

  • Besides, a fetus it's not still human, the brain it's not conformated yet... and most important thing... fetus don't have teeth.

  • Kids can't become lurkers, we don't see ANY kid (from toddler to teenager) walker in game at all.

    • You havnt seen the duckpocalypse or the clementine nightmare have you? also its the same universe as The Walking Dead so Sophia, Teddy Bear girl, im sure they're more examples its just society doesn't like to think of killing kids so they try to avoid showing these things.

  • Is the infection from the bite only in the Walker's mouth? I thought I remembered hearing somewhere that it was all through the body, but people are pretty blase about getting splatter all over them. Not sure if the infection vector could go through an umbilical cord.

    • bite virus kills you, Walker virus turns you. 2 separate viruses that just happen to work perfectly with each other.

      • Yeah, I get that; my question was whether the bite infection could be transmitted other ways besides through a bite. I don't follow the comics and I'm only passingly familiar with the show, so I was curious if it had been addressed.

        • So are you asking if a bite victim could pass the infection to a healthy person without a bite? I won't lie and say I know how infections and diseases work but I would say that the blood or saliva of a bit individual getting into your system would be cause for concern.

          It might get you sick like any other illness but it might not be lethal as an actual bite.

          • This ^ I think the closest its been discussed in the show is a walker had its arm chopped off and scratched somebody with his his limb and somebody freaked out and killed him almost instantly. but in reality I think you would get sick as soon as you killed one and got its blood all over you

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