Is Your Lee in season 1 a murderer?

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Besides killing his wife's lover before the ZA outbreak, has your Lee killed the St. Johns and Larry? Or are you trying to redeem yourself by not being a murderer for the sake of Clementine even if it cost you your friendship with Kenny


  • I killed Larry and the Stranger, that's it. I didn't see the point in killing the St. Johns, it seemed merciful rather than vengeful and Clementine wouldn't like it.

  • I killed Larry, and Danny St. John.

    What about Jolene, though? Some people killed her

  • She was pointing a crossbow at you and threatening to kill you - that's doesn't count as murder.

    I killed Larry because CPR won't revive a heart attack - it's only meant to keep the blood pumping and oxygenated until proper medical attention can be provided. I shot Jolene because I thought she was a threat to Clementine and she threatened to shoot me in the testicles, though I did feel bad when I found out why she had her mental breakdown. I spared the St Johns brothers even though I should have killed them for murdering Mark.

  • Lee's always a murderer, even if he doesn't kill anyone, because he already killed his wife's lover.

  • My Lee tried to redeem himself by not killing anybody; Larry could have been saved, and the St. Johns were not worth it. Clem didn't need to see that.

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    Is it still murder if they were about to murder you and the child you're protecting?

    If Clem needs to learn anything it's that some people are so far gone that they deserve to die and you shouldn't feel bad about it. She kills someone in the first 5 minutes of season 2.

  • It's a bit muddled for me. I can't really remember my canon playthrough. But if I'm right, I killed Larry...and the St. Johns...but I didn't kill the stranger! Clementine...did...that.

  • My Lee didn't murder anyone after the outbreak, and didn't kill Jolene in self-defence.

    If I believed in going back and doing it all again, though, I'd kill the stranger. The alternative made me feel horrible.

  • Don't let your emotions get the better of you. She has to learn to kill before being all nice gets her done in.

  • The St Johns made it hard to choose whether to spare or kill. They weren't going anywhere and leaving them to be eaten seemed like a good taste of their own medicine, Clem didn't like Lee killing them which is a huge factor. It feels wrong and kind of freaky to leave them though. They know where the Motor Inn is yet the group stay there? Knowing there's bandits in the area and the St Johns may be out there?

  • We should probably define what really counts as "murder". Is killing Jolene murder when she's pointing a crossbow at you and threatening to kill you?

    Then you could get to others such as Ben and ask if "failure to save" is the same as murder. I dropped him. Its pretty muddy whether you'd say i killed him or he killed himself.

    Whether or not helping Kenny deal with Larry was murder depends on whether he was already dead... In my opinion he was already gone.

    This all means that despite me taking quite a harsh, survivalist approach during season 1, i can argue i'm not a murderer, because the only clear cut case, the st.johns, i let live.

  • The Ben thing is murder I think. Purposefully dropping him

  • Not a murderer , a survivor.. :)

  • Perhaps, but then he did ask me to and made no efforts to climb up on his own. I can certainly argue that all i did was let him commit suicide. You might disagree with the decision, but it's not the same as if i'd shot him or pushed him off the tower.

    Also what about if i don't shoot the zombie grabbing him and he falls because of that while crying out for help (which is possible to do in the game). If that was a real life situation, legally i would not have committed a crime in most countries. That scenario feels way more immoral than the first one, but i'm still not a murderer, because he'd have died even if i was never there.

    Anyway i guess the main point of the OP's question was probably not the semantics of being a "murderer", but whether i made Lee always did his best to prevent death, even if the the person deserved their fate. The answer to if i did that with Larry, Ben and Jolene (i do feel i made a mistake killing her) is no.

  • Killed Danny St. John and Campman.

  • i killed everyone but ben and larry

  • You know I actually think besides the bandits and duck I didnt kill anyone at all not the st Johns, the ep 3 chick, Larry, Ben, the stranger ... weird

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    I helped kill Larry as i thought he could possibly turn and kill all of us and i killed Danny because i didn't know Clementine was watching.

  • "Or are you trying to redeem yourself by not being a murderer for the sake of Clementine"

    I killed Larry(and the stranger) for the sake of clementine. Take that for what you will.

  • I killed larry. He was a dick, a treath to me and treath to a group because of the weak health and personality. It was the best way.
    I killed the stranger. There is no need to explain that.

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    because lee killed the lover, i killed the cannibals; i made sure that clem learned that its not ok to take a living life no matter what, somewhat because of the regret he felt

    i didnt let clem finish lee off; ...or sam

  • The Crawfordness I sense in you

  • I only killed Larry because it made sense that if he is dead that he would become a walker.

  • I actually let him go because it looked like Lee would've been attacked had he tried to save Ben and get another character injured/killed in the process. In which case, I don't think you could consider that murder.. could you?

  • Only killed when I had to such as Larry, Campman and the bandits.

  • If your talking about the guy from 400 days then I guess she killed him indirectly. Her resisting him ending up with a walker being friendly with his face.

  • I killed anybody who I considered a legitimate threat to me or clem. that means I killed the st. johns (so that they could not come back and hurt us later), I let ben die (would have killed him myself if given the chance because continuously his decisions resulted in danger or death) , I left Lilly (would have killed her too if given the option for obvious reasons) I helped smash Larry's head into the ground, I was going to shoot the lady in the woods but Danny got to it before I could (now I understand the conflict on the stranger being a good guy or a bad guy... my train of thought was that she had a weapon drawn on me and was clearly unstable... right or wrong, one slip and im dead... I consider that an enemy!). as far as the stranger goes I was looking for the first opportunity to kill him (I couldn't care any less about his story, I just wanted clem back) but clem ended up shooting him instead (not sure what I did wrong but hes dead so whatever).

    although I chose to kill (and by the statistic they show after each episode I am a minority player) I believe that destroying the threats that present themselves to the ones you care about has its redemptive qualities...

  • I tried not to give into the temptation of killing unless I know for sure there is no other option or if its out of mercy.

    I didn't kill Jolene (the crazy lady in the woods), I didn't help kill Larry, I didn't kill the St. Johns brothers. I mercy killed the doomed woman, mercy killed Duck and the walker kid in the attic, and I didn't drop Ben.

    The only time I actually killed someone without any mercy was the Campman.

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