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Not showing up in "your games" section

posted by Armakuni on - last edited - Viewed by 314 users
I just got the "Sam & Max Season Two Media Pack" and this includes downloadable versions of the Season 2 episodes, right?

It shows up under "Stuff you've bought" but there are no download links in the "Your games" section.. only the ones for Season 1 which have been there for a long time.

They're supposed to show up there, right?
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  • Checking it out now

    Edit: Bah. This'll require me being in the office. I'll check in the morning, but for the moment were you able to get your games activated? The serial number should still have been emailed to you, and logging in from the launcher should work.
  • I haven't tested.. I wasn't planning on playing the games today so it's not a problem :) Just wanted to make sure it would be fixed eventually.

    EDIT - I did get a serial number, yes. Not sure where to enter it though, I downloaded a demo but saw nowhere to enter any serial codes. I did log in though, maybe that's why I didn't get an option to enter the code? Is the game activated when I've logged in? I'm not sure how this works.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    If you logged in and got a "launch game" button, then you're good to go. Sorry that wasn't the smoothest thing in the world. It turns out our new store system gets confused when we sell someone a downloadable product which also contains a physical product in the same bundle. It'll be sorted soon! Glad you were able to get a serial and log in, though.
  • Yeah, logging in automatically enters your serial number if you have one.
  • Cool! :)

    Thanks for the ultra-quick help :D
  • I don't mean to nag, I don't mind if it takes some time.. but just checking in case you've forgotten :) The games are still not in my games list there.
  • Really? I checked in a fix this morning that another guy said made the MEdia Pack show up properly. I'll have to look into it more tonight.
  • Oh they're there now... and they might have been there when I wrote that post too.. I expected to see them underneath the episode 1 games.. so I might have scrolled down past the E2 ones without noticing them. Sorry :eek:
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