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As we see when you start the game you see 5 episodes:ep 1 all that remains,ep 2 a house divided,ep 3 in harm's way,ep 4 amid the ruins and then ep 5 No Going Back!
In ep 5 look at the walkers clothes and you may realize somethin....you see them and what you may think?

               IT'S LEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you think?


  • That's... that's wishful thinking, I suspect.

    Lee was left in a different part of the country and, depending on your actions in S1E5, could well be dead.

    It's probably just someone wearing similar clothes.

  • Probably,we dont know yet but it might aswell just might be...maybe only for those who didnt shot him.

  • But you don't see where Clementine shoot him in episode 5 (IF she shoot him), Maybe she didn't hit him to the head...

  • I don't see a reason for the new group in S2 to go back to Savannah. Plus there was an option to make sure Lee will never turn. It's just someone wearing similar clothes, there is no reason to show a walker Lee, for what, so Clementine can have an option to shoot him again roughly 2 years later? That'd be pointless and overly dramatic for no reason.

  • Yea you're right maybe TTG wanted clem even if we chose to shoot him to appear Zombie Lee in S2 E5

            i am excited
  • What is dis game all 'bout?Drama and Horror right,how would Clem react?Very very sad,maybe thats what TTG want to show us,then what's the point of Lee bein bitten in S1 E5?

  • Maybe they want just to find Carver?Probably they have friends there that are in trouble ,PLUS we don't even know if the group will make it.

  • Keep in mind there was a figure in the Amid The Ruins slide that wore very similar clothes to Lee. It could also be that character, or just some random corpse. We've also got to remember Telltale regularly reuse assets so it could have no relation to Lee or that character or anything we've seen.

    It's been said before and I'll say it again: Lee is dead and gone, we've got to move on.

  • You dont actually know if he is dead or not maybe clem missed the shot on Lee and yea you are right it maybe that guy in Amid The Ruins maybe the city the body in No Going Back is Wellington where a war between Luke's group and Carver's bandit group or maybe Carver's bandit group between Tavia's settlement.We just don't know yet.

  • I think the ending of season 1 was sad and dramatic enough, there's no need to bring Lee back, His story is over.

  • I doubt it's lee as you have the option to shoot him in he head so no chance of a return. I always wonder if you don't shoot him will we see his zombie later as a result but I don't think any chance they will put him in a photo giving him 100% chance of a return. I personally don't think anyone will return where there was a option to full out kill them.

  • I doubt it's lee as you have the option to shoot him in he head so no chance of a return. I always wonder if you don't shoot him will we see his zombie later as a result but I don't think any chance they will put him in a photo giving him 100% chance of a return. I personally don't think anyone will return where there was a option to full out kill them.

  • Geez some people just can't let go.

    I hope when Clem's story finally ends I don't react like this. I very well might though :(

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    Because Clementine shot him, and please don't even start about how ''she didn't shoot him''. She did, and that's how I think it's supposed to end.

  • Its just a zombie in a blue shirt.

  • Maybe.i didnt said 100% sure it's Lee i said it might be,we will have to see

  • Negativism.i dont like that.look closer and think about wat you say first.we will se though

  • LEE SAID :You are gonna have to shoot me,honey. that's all maybe clem didnt shot him in the head probably cuz she forgot + she didnt even watched when she shot him.so think about it then come up with some serious coments.

  • I'm not being negative, just realistic. Sadly, those two things seem to get mixed up a lot.

  • Oh no :(, These things are annoying enough without going into normal threads

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    I'm just not sure see how seeing a zombie version of Lee in S2 is plausible, outside of a dream sequence or hallucination. I left my version of Lee with one arm missing, and the other chained to a radiator. Even if Lee's body rots to the point where he could rip his hand free, how could a mindless walker have the brains to track down a little girl it knew in a previous life? (That's not counting the scenario where players can choose to shoot Lee in the head.)

    To have Walker Lee show up in episode 5 wouldn't only require a massive suspension of disbelief, it would be introducing a borderline supernatural element to the series. That kind of move is dangerous, and should be done with extreme care if Telltale wants to go all the way with it.

    On the other hand, it would definitely make for a mesmerizing cliffhanger, and edge Kirkman's secular universe into something almost spiritual.

  • I've seen a REAL photo of the zombel's leg in the ep5 slide and it maybe lee .but not sure cuz it doesnt wear the same shoes :(

  • Hey heres a crazy theory but according to recent startling research it has been found more than the one same type of shirt and jeans have been made and sold worldwide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Can people start getting banned for really bad threads, it's pretty much like spam

  • Well, we met lots of new characters in both 400 days and All that remains and we know that walkers can wander very long distances. I think it's relatively plausible that some of us will see a zombified Lee in one of the episodes, Telltale might even punish us careless fools who left him to die without cuffs by making him kill one of the new characters. There are so many characters who might bump into him during one of the next 4 episodes and I think my decision to just leave him without shooting him should have at least a small effect.

  • That seems a little harsh....

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    Positive!That's what i like to see!btw FINALLY even if u dont shoot the uncuffed lee he might come back even if he is handcuffed it could just like you know what happened to the police walker in the store where lee died also if u shoot him he might come back cause i have read a discussion (internet discussion not on this page) that Clem might have missed the shot on his head cuz she had her eyes closed.

  • Well my friend they just wander very long distances it might end up everywhere.

  • Yh but someone with his arm amputated ?You can see his other arm is amputated and bandaged.

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    Thought it was Lee myself even though my Clem shot him. We know walker herds can amass quite a number of walkers as they travel following sounds they've long since forgotten. Perhaps a walker Lee somehow got free by ripping off his own hand if he was handcuffed (or just walked outside if he wasn't) and joined the herd there. Then at some point in the 2 years from Season 1's end to Episode 5 of Season 2, the Savannah herd arrived where Clem ends up. Who's to say some idiot didn't drive by with a loud car so they were chasing that. Or someone managed to get a helicopter or plane off the ground so they were chasing that. Or someone got a train heading north working so they were chasing that. It's been about 2 years since the end of Season 1 and Lee's fall. You can't count him out.

    A person can walk 5 miles an hour at a decent pace so a 16 hour day, they might go 80 miles a day. If Clem still goes to Wellington and it's the one in Ontario, Canada, that's about 1,130 miles from Savannah. So on foot the entire way, it'd take them 14.125 days. You also have to account for weather, avoiding walker herds and hostile people, scavenging for supplies, resting, injury and illness, and getting lost. So more feasible to make the trip in a month or two. Possibly 3. Typical travel distance a day for homesteaders in the 1800s was 30-45 miles. That'd be closer to 37.6 days for 30 miles a day to 25.1 days at 45 miles a day. Doesn't include if they found a car or something to take them part of the way, too.

    Even if a walker travels 2.5 miles an hour, they can travel all night long. They might go 60 miles a day if they don't chase after something and get detoured or perhaps get stuck behind a fence or wall. Same trip might take them 18.83 days. Since they will get distracted, it's not out of the realm of possibility that the Savannah herd can end up in Canada 2 years later and with Lee ... and a good bit larger than it was in Savannah.

    So it is possible. Enough time has certainly passed that it can be possible. It is Lee? Who's to say but Tellale. The walker looks decayed enough that it'll be hard to say it's him or not. Wearing the same clothes isn't much of giveaway. Lot of people wear clothes like his. Hiding the arms, though, that's rather clever of Telltale. My Lee had both arms but was handcuffed to the furnace. Clem also shot him ... I thought. So possible he could be one armed due to ripping his hand off if Clem missed. Those that amputated Lee's arm and handcuffed him might see a handless walker Lee instead. If that is Lee, though, there would have to be something more to say it is Lee. Just because he lacks an arm (or both) and wears what appears to be Lee's clothes doesn't mean much. Lot of walkers have lost limbs. His face is also too decayed. Question is, what really identifies Lee as Lee and not some random walker?

    At this point, it is a plausible theory so no point shooting it down just because you don't believe it. We're all entitled to our opinions and our theories. Some of us are bound to be right by the time Season 2 ends. Look at the Kenny debate and the Omid one before Episode 1 even came out. It's rather entertaining to see what people come up with and who's the closest without running off into left field. We'll know if it's Lee or not in a few months. Long wait, but that's what speculation is for.

  • Theme for "Clem meets Walker Lee" (just because I'm a big ol' softie):

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    Granted, but for Lee's zombie self to not only walk in the exact same direction as Clementine, but arrive at the exact same destination?

    Whether it's God or the Devil, something else would have to be at work there.

  • Wise talking.you are defenitely right ,i am wrong i shouldn't have said IT'S LEE instead i should've said IT MAYBE LEE.
    and i like your theory aswell.plus the positive thinking.i appreciate it!THUMBS UP!

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    my thought about the final slide is that it is maybe symbolic of Clementine finally growing up and leaving behind her guilt of indirectly causing Lee's death and dependence on others. We've seen how she's starting to become more independent and willing to survive, and this maybe shows that she is finally growing up. The distant town could be a peaceful settlement where she finds peace and hope, but that could be a bit of wishful-thinking given the genre

    However, I would really love it if TellTale had a scene or two with a hallucination of Lee to relieve her of guilt and motivate her in her darkest hour. That, in my opinion, is the only way that Lee could be brought back

  • Not saying I agree with this but what if Clem just shot Lee in the face and not the brain? he would still turn and walk around with a nasty wound in his face. It would be a horrific tragedy for clem to witness this, even though be a bit of a stretch.... handcuffs don't mean shit if you remember the cop walker clem killed, so if you must argue don't use that. just a theory, I doubt it would happen.

  • You just went full retard.

  • I kind of agree with this. Some peoples theories are really crazy. Its hard to tell if they are serious or skillfully trolling.

  • and of course I bring up a good point and just receive downvotes instead of an intelligent conversation :(

  • Pell3t you gave me the best theory to explain to these HATERS .they just dont accept it.ITS AN OPINION GUYS ITS NOT REAL I AM NOT 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% SURE THAT ITS LEESO STFU

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