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why wont telltale ever take there words and release a game every month like they say

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it just sucks you know i mean i paid for episodic game that is monthly like telltale said but they never keep there word

instead we get 2-3 months i hate it when they do this a month waiting for a episode for just 2 hours is a lot and they want use to wait another month???

worst part is i always forget part of the story and characters when a new episode comes its like who the hell is that guy or get really confused on a scene cause i cant remember the last episode

its like telltale are forcing me to replay episode so id remember and i don't want that i want only one save file

will telltale ever stick to there words?


  • Telltale never said that episodes of TWD would come out every month, from the steam page "Episode 1 Available Now, Episodes 2-5 will be released periodically in 2014".

    • And for " The Wolf among Us " ?
      3 months, and still we wait.

      I just hope it won't be that for every episode...

      • I have never played TWAU so I have no idea why that is taking so long. As for The Walking Dead we could always take a look at seasons 1 release dates and take a guess from that, it seemed that they were released about every two months.

        Episode 1: April 24, 2012
        Episode 2: June 27, 2012
        Episode 3: August 28, 2012
        Episode 4: October 9, 2012
        Episode 5: November 20, 2012 (Under two months for this one)

  • I personally think they should of not released 2 games, because last year with TWD S1 they had problems with deadlines, and that was them just working on one game.

  • I am a big Fan of both game series, TWAU and TWD. I hope that we will get the next episodes in 1 month, not longer.

    • TWAU 102: Early January
    • TWD 202: Late January
  • I don't mind. I'd rather they finished it properly and made it as a good as can be rather than release a half-assed game.

  • I wouldn't mind it so much if we,PC players,weren't forced to pay for the whole season even though we will have to wait 2-3 months for each episode to be released.Can't be simply pay each episode when they are released;and if we dislike the season for some reason,we simply don't buy anything else.

    What,PS players can purchase each episode separately but TT/Steam is too lazy to do that themselves?

    • Well ... its better than being forced to buy each ep separately like console was forced to last season. I mean Id dont get it your getting the series cheaper really the only reason to get each one each separately if you arnt sure about the game and want to try an ep out.

  • "Periodically" can mean anything.

    They released the 1st Episode in 2013, the 2nd in 2014.

    "Periodically" means that the 3rd will be out in 2015?

  • according to past releases, they wont keep their word. its almost too bad they wont tell us the real reasons we cant get an episode sooner.. (polish, and "working on it" are lame excuses in my opinion)..; dont start and episodic release if its not somewhat finished

  • It states on the official Telltale FAQ on the site an episode will be released every 4-6 weeks. If you don't want to wait for high quality episodes, then the Telltale release system is not for you and you should either wait until every episode is out and play it all at once or stop moaning and be patient like everyone else.

  • I don't mind. People who complain about release dates and delays and deadlines... I don't understand why their complaining.

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