• Do not fight one another, save Your hate for the zombies.... I mean walkers :)

  • yeah you got it #kennylives #teammoustache

  • Its not Kenny vs Lily I'm not sure why people think because I dont like Kenny I love Lilly. Neither are perfect people and there are tons of other characters I'd rather have at my back.

    Also I dont mind fanboys but when fanboys hate on anyone who disagrees with them, brings thre Character up constantly or hate the game as there favourite character dosnt appear or dies thats when it gets annoying. You have the right attitude liking the character but not getting hung up on it.

    Still... While the surge of Kenny love after many episodes of him being hated is slightly annoying its nothing compared to the Carley threads after episode 3 .. "shudder" dark times

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      Mrwalto69 BANNED

      I agree with what you said but if that's the case then how come fans of Clementine get away with it? For example,
      Before Season 2 came out and we knew anything it Clem was a supporting character like everyone else was behind Lee yet if anyone said that they thought a character let's say Kenny or Carely were their favorite then the Clementine fanatics would quickly abuse them and start hyping Clementine up. I'm not hating on Clem, I'm hating on her fans who are so biased towards her and get away with it and their response is always "she's cute" so she's better then everyone else. As Chuck said it doesn't matter what you are you're a living person and "cute" shouldn't get you in high places.
      See watch, i'll get down voted and possibly abused because Clem fans can't handle when someone disagrees with them.

      • I agree about fanboys including clems, anyone who wont allow any criticism of a character or saying you prefer another character is a bit unreasonable. Also people take you saying the character isnt perfect as that you hate the character

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          Mrwalto69 BANNED

          Exactly, they think that if they aren't your favorite that you hate the character. I don't hate Clem, i think she's a great character more so in Season 2 i just prefer Kenny to her because i think Kenny is much more interesting and better character but that's just my opinion.

  • personally I think Lilly is more plausible during that "I thought you were dead" moment.
    That doesn't mean I don't believe Kenny will appear in season 2, I have the utmost belief he will, just not during that moment.
    It's way too obvious.

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    UndeadEuan BANNED

    Thanks for targeting me; you're singling me out and that's against the rules.

    This is a public forum, and if someone posts a theory I think is weak, I'm going to challenge the person to explain themselves. So far, nobody has done that, all they've done is either spam GIFs or be extremely rude. Have you seen anybody else backing me up on any thread? No, that's because they're too scared to speak up about what they think. You're the one with the posse.

    Since when have I be the one raging? Like I said, people have been extremely rude and insulting to me but I've never done so back. You just can't find fault with yourself, can you?

    You call it fanboyism, I call it an opinion.

    • Really I find any "fanboy" to be over the top. No matter who or what they support they basically can find no fault in them whatsoever

    • i call it someone on her period

        • im taller than you, so try again haha

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          Mrwalto69 BANNED

          I don't know you so i'm not going to judge you personally but by what you have been saying i.e calling Kenny a twat and saying you'd laugh when Kenny is a walker, what do you expect people to say? How would you like it if someone said Lily is a slut and hopes she's a walker?
          And then you go on to say that Telltale want's us to think it's Kenny so we will buy the game. 1: We can't even see the person so it could be different people i.e Kenny, Lily, Christa etc so of course they're going to do this to keep us in the dark and keep talking about the game but it doesn't mean they're trying to make us think it's Kenny, it's about speculating different outcomes and 2: The majority of people have bought the game so that 2nd point was pointless.
          Then you said how likely is Kenny showing up and you mentioned there was no way he could escape. There were windows around and You don't see how close the walkers are. We are faster and smarter so chances are he could've found a window but this is speculation, Also what are the chances Lily is coming back? Doesn't it say somewhere she was left for dead and never seen again? Kenny's was lost in the horde. I like Kenny's chances more.
          Then you insulted people because of their grammar but you're complaining about being insulted? Aren't you contradicting yourself there by sooking over being insulted yet it's ok for you to insult others on their grammar?
          I agree that people shouldn't be insulting others over an opinion but come on you know that if you disrespect someone's favorite character, you have to be ready to cop shit back at you. If you don't like Kenny that's fine but insulting him, you better expect people to have a go at you.
          And for your 4 points i'll answer them for you.
          1: Lily wasn't the leader of the group, she thought she was but she wasn't. Put the group before anything else? One time? the rest it was all about her and Larry. Hot headed isn't interesting it just shows that she starts shit because she starts losing it and in term resulted in the death of Doug/Carely. Kenny has a better plot then Lily, Watching his character development throughout the season is more interesting because it makes you think how would your state of mine be if you were Kenny, losing your kid and wife? Then you have the bromance with Lee if you side with Kenny.
          2: That's the whole point of selling, You keep everyone in the dark. The less people know the more they will be attached to the game. If telltale showed the face of who this person that Clem thought was dead is, people wouldn't be making numerous posts and hundreds of comments about who it is. It's a great way of keeping the fans active and interested in the game.
          3:Well, Isn't the back of Nick the same model as Kenny? remember when they wanted us to think it was Kenny because he had the same hair, hat. clothes but you couldn't see his face?
          4: Down voters are always going to down vote because they're too weak to reply to people, Don't ask me what people get out of down voting. I've said previously that i am against it as i feel it gives people freedom to down vote someone and get away with it without being known.

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            UndeadEuan BANNED

            Whoever had a better plot in the season is an opinion.. you're no one to say Kenny had a better plot than Lilly.

            With Lilly, she can actually return. Kenny can't, since he's either been bitten and a walker or devoured.

            Lilly being hotheaded caused the death of Carley.. that's interesting. It spices up the plot - her and Larry being against Duck being allowed in the drug store spices up the plot too. If every character was like Kenny it would be a boring game.

            I called Kenny a twat because that's his personality. He leaves you to die and only cares about his family. I'd laugh as a walker because everyone on the forums would explode. It would be amusing.

            • uhhh, no youre wrong. kenny can come back just as much as lilly if not more. since shes been gone for 3 episodes!

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                UndeadEuan BANNED

                We actually know Lilly is alive.. with Kenny he's 90% dead.

                • Hence "I thought you were dead."

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                    UndeadEuan BANNED

                    What we think and what Clem thinks is different. We know Lilly is alive - but she doesn't,

                    • shes not alive, her fate is unknown. it never once says shes alive

                    • Actually, we know exactly as much as Clem knows about Lilly. Lilly stealing the RV or being left on the side of the road is the last time that Clem sees her, which is also the last time WE see her.

                      • She was assumed dead by the group, which may explain Clementine's surprise. And it doesn't seem to be a "happy" surprise either, which I have no idea why she wouldn't be happy to see Kenny. Lilly makes more sense, on the other hand; the last Clem has seen of her, she had shot Doug by accident/Carly on purpose, which explains why she isn't really "happy" to see her. Besides, Telltale better give a damn good reason why Kenny is still alive: The scenario I had entailed him locking himself up with Ben. Now why would he go through all that trouble trapping himself just to try and escape as soon as the zombies get him? Seems illogical and unrealistic to me. Now don't pull the "It's a game; no need for realism" card, because its immersion breaking if the developers can do whatever the fuck they want without it making sense.

                        • When did they assume that? At least I never thought she was dead, just out of the group. I do concede that I never gave it much thought after that, because I only cared that she was out of the group (I left her). I can see WHY, looking back, she could be assumed to have died if you leave her, but I don't really feel like they'd be thinking the same thing if she stole the RV. The "I thought you were dead" line applies to Kenny far more than anyone else in the series so far.

                          As for Kenny being alive, I think he IS dead in the Ben version. It would make the most sense for that scene, and wraps up his story with some nice book ends (the first thing he does when we meet him is leave a young man to die, the last time we see him is him giving his life trying to save one). The Christa version just doesn't sit right with me though. He's more determined there, and has more bullets, and potentially has a few escape routes via a door or the windows. I think it's possible that he survived that.

                          • One of the survivors (can't remember which one) in season one said "Leaving her at the side of the road is the same as murder" or something along those lines, and Kenny also said if she steals the RV (when you talk to him about it) "The radiator is fried anyway: she wouldn't get more than five miles". And I find it unlikely that he survived in Christa's scenario either; He would have to get through an entire lurker infested building several stories high, run through streets with literally THOUSANDS of lurkers wandering around, all without a weapon (the brave bastard use the last bullets he had to save Christa) and without being bitten at all. Don't get me wrong: I love Kenny and I want him to live as much as the next person, but I need to believe the facts first, and so far, all signs point to nowhere but his death.

                            • While I believe he might have survived that just because I see it being possible, I also believe so partly because in a storytelling sense, Kenny is the perfect character to bring back to connect Lee's choices in Season 1 to the story in Season 2. Kenny is the only survivor who was with Lee for all five Episodes, and saw almost all of the major choices Lee made in the first Season. The only other person who could say that is Clem, but we're playing as her. That means Kenny is really the ONLY choice if they want to have Season 1's choices affect Season 2 in some way OTHER than throwaway dialogue choices in conversations.

                              • I think appearances of both characters would be interesting to say the least, but I would find the game would have more conflict if Lily was around: Clem would have to choose whether or not to forgive her of past crimes and may make things a little more interesting.

                                • I'd love to see Lilly back as well, and it WOULD be interesting to see if players forgive her if she's really changed and become a better person (which, if she truly has, then I will). Like you, I want to see BOTH of them come back. I'd love to see Lilly and Kenny speak with each other again, given how much Kenny changed after she left (and however else he changed over the nearly 2 year time gap we haven't seen him if he did survive Savannah) and how much Lilly has probably changed over that same time period. It would be nice to see if they've both become better people (or not) and if they can stand burying the hatchet anywhere except the other's back.

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              Mrwalto69 BANNED

              Then you're no one to say Kenny is a twat and should be dead, Can't have it both ways dude or you'll just keep coming of as an hypocrite.
              And how exactly do you know he was bitten, a walker or devoured? Did you see any of that? How do you know Lily didn't get bitten or something?
              It was an unexpected thing because no one thought Carely would die there, same with Katjaa killing herself, that was unexpected. spices? uh, no it just makes you hate Larry because let's face it, having everyone best friends now THAT'S boring, hence why Kenny's character changes because it makes you test your friendship with him when he starts becoming more and more depressed.
              That's why we have different characters, all are different and do different things, If all the characters were Larry, they'd be dead by the end of episode 2.
              You played it through where you don't side with Kenny, if you actually showed the man respect, like he does at his first appearance in the game then he would save you on numerous occasions. Drug store in episode 1 where LARRY floored Lee and Kenny saved him from being devoured, When Danny St John is about to shoot Lee and Kenny attacks him and he falls into a bear trap, Remember Lee just standing there watching Lee's face almost being pushed into the electric fence? But that's if you have sided with Kenny so your game she would've shot Andy but seeing how you are saying that Kenny doesn't save me because you didn't side with him i thought i'd add that one in to make it fair. Episode 5 he saves you from the walkers even if you didn't side with him, that's more then Lily or Larry did combined for Lee. And of course he cares about his family, Just like Larry did for Lily but the difference is, Kenny cared about the others as well, He offers Lee to come with him on his boat and Clementine. I didn't see Larry or Lily offer Lee and Clem that luxury.

              • Apparently you didn't know Lily: Larry was a dickhead who didn't care about anyone but his daughter, but Lily took care of Clementine (there is numerous amount of occasions that prove so) AND once you at least TRY to save her dad, she shows you a softer side of her never before seen by others. Lily was a strong leader willing to make the tough decisions... that is, until Larry died. The reason I sided with Lily until she was kicked was because I found some of Kenny's choices in Episode 2 and 3 somewhat questionable: I know where he is coming from, and I know he doesn't pull these things out of his ass, but I didn't agree with them morally. I loved Kenny, but I just found a few of his ideals questionable, but you're suggestion that because he was useful to you means he is justified in what he has done; that is false. This world isn't based on usefulness, unless, of course, you want to end up like Crawford.

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                  Mrwalto69 BANNED

                  I played through both types, siding with Kenny and Lily and i still don't forgive Lily for leaving, even when i sided with her, When Kenny's family died he didn't leave Lee or Clementine in fact you can even agree to bring Clem with Lily if you take her with you in the RV keeping in mind she just killed someone in cold blood yet she dogs you and takes off.
                  That's false dude. If you aren't useful how are you going to help? We all saw how Ben was the result of certain deaths, If he was useful certain people wouldn't die. Like Chuck said you're a living person. Remember when Omid's leg was infected? He couldn't do anything and he was holding the group up, now i'm not saying we should kill him but if he was more useful then his leg would never of been a problem.

              • Jeezus you guys need to cool down. Its not really fair to compare characters with different ranged development time. No one is "better than the other" though you can like a certain someone better (all a matter of opinion). Kenny's a dick if you don't kiss up yet redeems himself in the end. Lilly's a dick if you kill Larry for whatever your reason and when she leaves with the RV. Different people, slightly different stories. They both have their flaws and their positives just like everyone else in this world. Oh and this arguing is pointless. Just accept that someone else has a contrasting opinion, and if you don't understand or think it is wrong well.. it an opinion don't bash. If its trolling its trolling ignore it. Phew got that outta my system.

                • I'm sorry: I will stop.

                  No more fucks will be given!

                  • @Ohyoupokedme that was directed at the others but I see you posted before I finished mine.You do bring a fair point though...I agree.

                    Lilly wasn't all bad and nether was Kenny, they both had different points of views and made difficult choices that could be valid and invalid depending on your state of mind. People can judge all they want but all are made equal we can't justify reaction from action because we simply cant control it. Lilly went through trauma and killed another, the St. Johns and the Stranger became mentally unstable and deranged due to circumstance, Kenny was able to power through hardship but became hardened because of it and so forth. And more smart ramble and blah blahs...

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                  Mrwalto69 BANNED

                  There's nothing wrong with telling people the truth more so when someone is insulting a character just because they didn't connect with them.
                  If you actually have a look, you will see i don't call Lily names and say she should be dead.
                  Honesty is the most offensive thing in the world and when that is exposed then of course fights will happen because people can't handle the truth.

                  • Good point just tired of the Kenny/Lilly haters and fans. But I will say this that the truth sometimes differs the opinion. Oh and do note when I mean "others" I'm just generalizing those who do insult "others"....if that makes sense.

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                      Mrwalto69 BANNED

                      If you point out things that are the truth for example a Lily fan said that Kenny doesn't save Lee because in that persons playthrough, they didn't side with Kenny, if you do side with him, Kenny will save you like Lily. If you side with her she's a pretty decent character. But opinion is when someone says, "Yeah Kenny's a twat, he should be a walker" type of thing.
                      Yeah i get what you're saying.

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                        UndeadEuan BANNED

                        Well Kenny was a twat to my Lee.

                        It's no different from people calling Lilly a slut or a bitch.

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                          Mrwalto69 BANNED

                          That's the point, You side with Kenny: Lily will be a bitch,
                          You side with Lily: Kenny will be an asshole. But it's your decision so why hate the character when it was your decisions that resulted in his feelings towards you?

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                            UndeadEuan BANNED

                            If you're saying it's our decisions that impact things... then how can we have this conversation at all? Basically it makes any conversation about this subject impossible because we influence what they do.

                            Kenny, no matter what, is always out for his family. Lilly wasn't like that - she was the one with the tough decisions. She decided who got food, and that's a pretty touch job. Like Larry said, she had more balls than any of the men in the group.

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                              Mark# BANNED

                              You can have the conversation, but it will just keep going around in circles.
                              Wasn't she in charge of rations anyway? So that's her job? And Kenny was never in for just his family. Remember when he said if you dont' feed him or the kids that he goes off because you didn't feed the kids? the kids i.e Clementine and Duck. Whoever you side with Kenny will care about his family and Lily will care more about her and her father, but both can have positive relationships with Lee depending on your choice.
                              But the way you played the game, of course Kenny is going to not care as much for you, you sided against him, It's like me saying that about Lily when i sided against her, what do you expect?

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          UndeadEuan BANNED

          Get out, Crixus. You're a troll, and very rude. Your behaviour is disgusting. Simply disgusting.

          I have no problem with people giving a valid opinion, but people like Crixus let the fan base down.

          • I wasn't even talking to you, idiot

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              UndeadEuan BANNED

              Clearly you were as you replied to my post. Then again.. there was no need to call me an idiot if you were replying to someone else's post, was there?

              Simply disgusting.

              • Your blaming me for saying something that wasn't even directed to you and saying I'm disgusting,thats what I call being an idiot

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                  UndeadEuan BANNED
                  1. Your grammar is awful. Pull your act together and I'll take you seriously.
                  2. Stop being so rude. I may have made a mistake.. but you were still being very rude to someone. That's not acceptable.
                  3. You're spamming... it needs to stop. There's a image button, but that doesn't mean you should constantly spam annoying images and GIFs.
                  4. You've been rude to me in the past. You need telling.
  • Well, we do have some sort of confirmation that Kenny will be back (Via looking at the data files of TWD but also Telltale said Kenny's fate would be explored). However, no one actually knows and people pretending otherwise need to chill.

  • A thread about Kenny without this ?! : Alt text

  • True or not, don't fire personal attacks on @UndeadEuan or anyone else for that matter. Thank you.

  • Lilly is not a Bitch !

    She never was to me ... For real. She had a crush on Lee that was cute.

  • Can't we like both of them? After looking back, I realized that Lilly was a pretty good character too (though I still like Kenny more, and would choose him if I ever had to make a choice between these two), and so I have come to be a fan of both.

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