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Youtubers reaction to TWD Ending #2

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I'm assuming most of you saw the first compilation of these, but thought I'd give you a heads up that the second part is up;

Don't know 'bout you guys but this still gets me every time...
Poor Clem :(

  • Most youtubers are faking this, to get more views. Just sayin´...

  • Honestly, I don't think all of them were genuinely crying. When I played the ending I was sad, I had goosebumps and tears started to well up in my eyes, but I didn't cry. I convinced myself it wasn't real, and felt content, and realized that this game had moved me.

    Then the music started playing, and I lost it. Tears started rolling down my cheeks like raindrops falling from the sky, but there was no noise, no weeping, just me and my sad memories.

    I looked back at the choices I made and the ''people'' I had lost. And I felt amazed by the masterpiece I had just experienced. That was the moment I decided to get on this forum, and discuss my feelings with other like-minded people.

    Thank you Telltale, for this excellent work of art you have created!

    • Wow, I honestly don't know where this all came from...

      • well to be honest I couldn't have said it better myself, as my experience was the same.
        Only most of my friends don't play games such as this, they're limited to their CoD, Fifa or other garbage (sorry fans), I keep trying to convince them to play something entirely different, something that isn't primarely based on gameplay but rather on storytelling, immersiveness and emotion.

        Those I did manage to convince however all admitted they shed a tear at the end.

        OT: possibly the majority of these are faking, however I'm quite positive that most of the people in the first compilation are genuine responses.

        • Ugly just seeing pewdiepie, biggest youtube fake.

          • woah calm down hater, he definitely wasn't faking. Throughout his entire playthrough of Season1 there were times when you could see he was depressed and welling up slightly, especially at the killing of Duck. In the final episode, watch him throughout and you will see that he is fighting back the tears and then just gives in. After the credits he is really depressed and even mentions it in the next video he uploaded. I admit that he is sometimes annoying and a little too enthusiastic but he wasn't putting it on.

            • He might not of put on the ending of the walking dead but any time I have seen one of his videos he overreacts and tries to hard to be funny. When he plays a scary game and when he screams It feels like your ears have been through a mince mulcher. He is plain awful but I think the worst part about him is the fan base. Not everyone but most are just fucking disgusting. They have had several videos on youtube flagged just because Pewdiepie had played the same game and did a video on them. Oh well just an opinion.

              • Ironically you're acting just like how you accuse the fans of acting. Exaggerated insults. Unfair generalization. and obnoxiously complaining about the "obnoxious" (and it can't be "most" of them or even half or some or anywhere close, what with there being thousands of comments but millions of subscribers)

                Granted that doesn't make them better if they were as you say, and they indeed were(keyword "were"), used to be. But they've already stopped the silly act.(most of them) So it's about time you do as well.

          • Pewdiepie is amazing!

          • I don't know about Pewdiepie, but I think Toby was the biggest faker: I find him to silly to take this game seriously, no matter how depressing.

  • Almost everybody on that video probably overreacted, but I'm pretty sure I cried just like the first guy.

  • Caiyth is pretty legit tho I think (first vid)

  • Shame on anyone to take a video game seriously in a world like this , seriously , hundreds of men and women die everyday and you just cry for a fake death of a video game character , yes it's sad but that's just stupid .

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