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Im probably going to get extreme hate for this but please hear me out.
In the 1st season Melissa Hutchison was spot on with Clems voice, but it doesn't feel as good this season. i know she went through some terrible stuff but she doesn't have any emotion in her voice now! She sounds kinda the same whenever she talks, whatever the situation.
Now i can't be the only one thinking this am i? Mabye Melissa is having a hard time with making her voice sound older and still express emotion through it i dunno.
-what you think?


  • no complaints whatsoever, got nothing but love for Melissa.

  • Maybe that's a change for your headsets or whatever you have

  • She sounds really tired and bored. Which is exactly how someone in that situation would sound, just sick of everything. Also there is a lot of emotion in the more "less nice" responses. Also the tense situations were well voiced.

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    i would say "numb" is the appropriate term to describe her emotion in the voice.. "bored" not so much, "tired" most definitely as in complete and utter exhaustion.
    Definitely agree with the tense situation voice acting.

  • hmm well im not saying all of it wasn't up to scratch but some of the things bugged me, like when clementine was picked up by luke i said " its ok i can walk" it sounded weird, it just didn't sound right.

  • I dont think you're taking into account Clementine's aging or her experiences. Look at Christa, her voice sounds almost deadened and flat because of all the grief she experienced. I think that's what Melissa Hutchinson is going for. Her voice and manner of speaking is reflecting of her experiences, not to mention the fact that she is fighting off an infection from that dog bite.

  • ok i understand now :)
    all things aside Melissa is great and i hope she continues

  • I have to agree with the OP. I did feel that her voice was a little flat in some parts. I get that she was tired and depressed and weak from hunger/blood loss but the lack of variation in her tone of voice made for really bored-sounding dialogue at times. Some lines were delivered quite well like the ones in the scenes with Alvin or Luke but others like the ones during the final scene with Pete just Seriously, go back and listen to her interactions with Pete in the last section. There's just wasn't any inflection in her voice and she should have been fairly well-rested and in better spirits by that point.

  • Episode one's supposed to be grim and stale in terms of what the character's are going through. I'm real confident that the future episodes are going to have Clementine talking a lot louder then a monotone.

    "You wanna play? You wanna play catch?" probably never sounded good, even on paper.

  • Voice acting is not as easy as people think. Ive heard a lot of actors say that its much harder than regular acting because you dont have anyone to play off of, just the scenarios that you have to portray. I bet Melissa Hutchinson did more animated readings but they didnt fit with the sort of dreary tone they are going for and she was directed to make her voice more flat. I guess we'll see in future episodes if being with this group will make her feel more hopeful and her voice changes.

  • When she says "good boy good boy" she reminds me so much of Kenny with his "good job good job" to Lee after he returned to the mansion.

  • I agree. It makes sense she's monotone but that doesn't mean I like it. She's also not trying to sound cute or light-pitched now. I just hope future episodes won't be more of her just being sad all the time. There has to been some shed of light in the darkness somewhere like Season 1 was full of, but it's different writers and different ideas, so the vibe can't be exactly the same as it used to be.

  • I think she just sounds older

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