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Ok so some people still think that Lee is still alive somehow but I have proof he's 100% dead. Ok so in the scene where you talk to Luke and tell him your story Luke asks (referring to Lee) "What happened to him?" If you shot Lee in episode 5 then you have an option to say "I killed him... he got bit protecting me and I had to shoot him so he doesn't turn... I had to." or something along those lines. So it's clear that Clem didn't possibly miss and shoot the wall and ran away because she says herself that she killed him. So there you go Lee is dead, if you still think he's alive I'd like to see some proof lol


  • Ofcourse he's dead. No, Clementine didn't "miss". No, Kenny didn't save him. No, he wont appear as a walker. Basically his story is concluded and the only way we could see him is flashbacks or hallucinations (someone actually made a thread that's quite popular where an idea like that is presented).

    It's just wishful thinking on people's part.

  • Yeah but people still cling on to that last string of hope and try to find anything to indicate he could be alive/ a walker even if you chose to shoot him

  • People don't want characters they enjoy to be dead, most are in denial and can't accept the reality.
    The ONLY way Lee will return is if his a walker and out of respect i highly doubt telltale would do that.
    The reality is : Lee is either dead with a gunshot to his head or his a Walker depending on which decision you made.

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    I dont want to see Lee dead or as a Walker. Both would be too horrible for me. He is just dead thats all I need to know.

  • Except he's dead. Im actually really surprised to see so many people basically fooling themselves, coming up with theories on how Lee must be alive somehow.

    Good for them I guess but it still doesn't make it true.

  • Clem saved the bullet. So I don't know man. I don't know.

  • Likewise, that's why i had Clem shoot him.
    The last thing i wanted was to have a Walker Lee walking around, Just to disrespectful to Lee.

  • and then that bullet killed omid.... good choice lol I did the same

  • That's the whole reason I made this discussion, is to tell those people that Lee is dead like it or not, whether he's a walker or shot.

  • I didn't shoot him because I didn't want to make a lot of noise. My Lee is walking around somewhere. I kind of feel bad about it knowing that Clementine would have been fine if I shot him. Poor Lee. :(

  • I know, it's silly, but Telltale can take solace in knowing that they created such a great character that people are still mourning him and hoping against all hope that he's alive. But yeah, there's no question that Lee is dead, dead as a door-nail.

  • this thread has 4 thumbs up really? I did not even know that people thought Lee was alive...

  • Yeah but there are more people that believe even if you chose to shoot Lee that Clem would instead shoot the wall and run away. This disproves that.

  • I thought it was a Kenny thread.

  • Kenny's mustache intercepted the bullet. Lee's fine and will show up skipping along with Kenny.
    And Carley.
    And Doug.

    You know what, Walker anniversary party for everyone!

  • That's understandable, Could've attracted Walkers.
    It was a pretty tough decision and we can only make the one's we feel is right.

  • Lmfaooo @Reivur wow......

  • @PoopBrown and @Westduo I still cling to the idea but know it wouldn't be possible. Just like to keep the thought with me cause Lee was great and I lie him a lot. I miss him and yeah wish it could happen lol but I get comfort in being Clem, I feel like she is apart of Lee or a piece of him and it's cool to hear her say things he told her so I feel Lee is there and he lives though her. I'm still sad he's gone and I think it's cool people have those ideas because it shows what a great job telltale has done and the power this game/series has

  • She had her eyes closed when she fired the bullet. It's very possible that she simply shot, turned around and left, assuming the bullet hit.

    God bless.

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    Ignore the shitty quality, and this perfectly describes my feelings on the thread to this point.

  • Yeah but then I think she would have said "I shot him" not "I killed him". I killed him sounds like a very definite statement, like she knew he was dead 100%. But that's just me :P

  • He's dead.

    Some people may wish him alive, Hell, his death was one of the most dramatic death scenes in any video game, but he is definitely dead.

    He has about as much chance being alive as Kat, Duck, Carly, Doug, or Lilly's Dad.

  • In my first playthrough I let Clem chose and she left him. I've since played through a second time and told her to shoot me, but the scene where she leaves him is so awesome. She slowly backs away towards the door as Lee starts to pass away she says "Please don't go," as she's doing it. Heart-breaking is not enough to describe this moment.

  • Why? Does anyone really think that Lee's story could ever have a better end than this one? Bringing him back would ruin everything.

  • We can't be completely certain. I don't think Lee is alive but... don't you think its weird that they didn't show Lee dead? The only way we can confirm it is by Clem and the fact that she knew what she had to do, leave him or shoot him. They showed Larry get smashed in the head right in front of us, Chuck with his organs everywhere, Ben stabbed through the chest, Carley shot in the head and so on. Why is it that Lee wasn't shown? Too much for the viewers or possibly another reason?
    Same with Kenny and Lilly. Although it never said they died. Because of not showing a few seconds of a scene were they are all dead, this is why we have naturally have theories.

  • I think it would've been a little disrespectful to Lee, to show him after he'd been shot with pieces of his brain everywhere and would've killed the mood IMO. Fading to black was a much more "Damn, man" influencing scene than showing Lee's dead body which would've probably disturbed some people and ruined the moment. It was much more saddening having the last thing you see is Clementine crying while she shoots Lee, than it would be seeing Lee's head busted open by the gunshot and Clem leaving. Just my opinion though :P

  • It had to be one of two conclusions:

    1) Clem shot and killed him.
    2) Lee was turning. (He had the infection, turned grey, kept passing out while transforming, and even told Clem it was time fo r him to die.)

    Believe me, I hated it when he died, but I do not see any other way he could have survived.

  • I understand completely, I wouldn't want to see it either. And I think it would ruin the mood from "NOOO LEEE" to "OH GROSS"
    I just think kind of like for 400 Days, during the credits show sort of a montage of all the characters dead or what they were currently doing, they probably scrapped that idea and saved it for 400 Days. Or they didn't want us having knowledge of a soon to be surprise character.
    I miss Lee, but if he came back there wouldn't be a point to him. Clementine is capable of taking care of herself now as she is more mature.

  • Maybe Telltale just wanted to stir up some mystery until 400 days came out. That would explain why Kenny's supposed death scene was made less obvious, so they could see if everyone liked Kenny/possibly wanted him back for season 2, but if people didn't like him, they would just show him as a walker. But I think Kenny has to alive because Telltale said his fate was to be explored and it can't be him showing as a walker because Clem obviously isn't going all the way back to Savannah and I don't think zombie Kenny would follow Clem up north lol

  • As much as I would like Lee to be alive, I'm pretty sure he won't come back. Not particularly because he died either turning, shot or lost too much blood. I think he played his role into taking care of Clementine and maturing her for Season 2 and that was the point of him surviving in the first place.

  • I think Telltale is considering Kenny, if Kenny came back I would be happy, though it wouldn't make a lot of sense. Like how he even got there in the first place and how he managed to escape thousands of zombies. I can imagine and think of a million ways he could of escaped. But none of them just seem right to me. But I can think of a million ways of him appearing in Season 2. I kind of don't see why Kenny would still be functioning after assuming losing everybody including Clementine and Lee. Kenny and Clem seeing each other alive would be really weird with them both assuming they were dead though.

  • People still in denial.

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    Maybe Telltale will make a 400 Days type DLC once S2 is done & one the Characters you get to be see's Walker Lee in Savannah unless you got Clem to kill him, I personally don't think they should do that but if it stops the Lee is alive threads then i guess i would be okay with it

  • That would've been a good knock-on effect for that choice. If you shoot Lee there's no bullet to kill Omid, but if you don't shoot Lee then the bullet is there. Would've changed the story drastically.

    It'd probably still lead to Clementine being on her own but having Omid alive could have led to him helping against Winston or distracting the bandits on his own.

  • I cried a little when I told him that.

  • Too add on to this. Even if the bullet missed. He still would turn. And he would be a Zombie stuck in handcuffs.

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