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Will your choices really affect the outcome?

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Do you think the choices you made in season 1 and the choices you'll make in season 2 will affect the story? Telltale have said with season 2 your choices will have a massive impact

When I played season 1 I played it several times with different choices and dialogue and the outcome was always the same. Same people died etc

  • And Larry hates you no matter what you do

  • Same outcome but different motives.

    Lee dies no matter what

    Kenny will become your friend and get lost to the herd no matter what

    Omid and Christa will be with you no matter what

    But Clem's motives will differ .It means you tell her killing is bad ,or killing is essential these days .

    The choices you do are disappointing when you think about it.I hope TTG have realized that already and make big changes with choices Just like Black ops 2 and Dishonored.

  • No. Simply, no. I still love the game but telltale really is just a typical marketer when they say "your choices affect the game" they don't at. You can say something different but in the long run, and most of the time short run, everyones game is exactly the same.

  • Remember that the story is tailored by how you play, not the story is changed by how you play. You experience the same story, but you experience it with different people who have your back, people who you save (Carly/Doug), people you help, it all comes down to the same story, but it is played from a different perspective depending on your choices.

    • Remember that the story is tailored by how you play, not the story is changed by how you play.

      Right, the taylor already decided to make a jacket, so you not gonna make it into pants. You can tell him to make it blue instead of green. But it's still a jacket.

  • I believe the the statement "It's not about the destination, it's about the journey," fits rather well here. The story is the same, how you experience it is slightly different.

  • You can't have a great and emotionally gripping story like TWD and the ability to completely alter the ending or who dies or not. There are quit a few characters that you can choose to save or not like Ben, Carley, Doug, Molly. With season 2 so far the choices have no dramatic impact in ep1 but the dialogue is significantly altered depending on what happened in season 1. It will be interesting to see how the characters from 400 days come into pay as they didn't appear in ep1.

  • Yes, your choises have little impact, and TTG go out of their way to create illusion some times that your choises matter, but when you replay the episode, and try something completely different, you see things turn out the same. The best example would be 400 days, when you choose to kill the mexican guy who was stealing from camp, or not. Kill him = everyone depressed because they become animals. Don't kill him = everyone's depressed because he came back with bandits. This kind of lies take guts. BUT, I think it's a good thing, for 2 points:

    1. Creating multiple story lines takes more effort, meaning a decrease in quality of each story line. If we have only one story line, we can be sure it's the most quality that TTG can bring us

    2. I simply don't have time to replay games, and I don't want to miss on anything, so that's good for me

  • I hope they make more choices feel real. 400 days was a good example; even though it was short we changed the fates of numerous people. Yes we dont see many again but I feel I made a difference; not that I didnt in season1; I feel Doug and Carley was still a big choice and I wish more were like that even though the end result was the same

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    kosamja1 BANNED

    Only if there are 2 endings.

    • The problem with two endings is obvious. When season 2 ends, what will they do for season 3? Which ending do they choose?

      Sucker Punch (creators of the Infamous series) did the same mistake. They released the second installment of the series with the option to get two different endings (which was fine) but decided that the NEXT game would only use one of those endings. The other one is simply decided to be "not canon" and that's it. Now imagine you are like me and actually liked the "non-canon" ending more. See the problem? You are screwed now. You will never get the continuation from the ending you preferred.

      I would rather have them have one ending if it means I get to save myself the disappointment of not getting a continuation for my preferred ending. It would be like giving the option to save Lee, only to still go with the ending in which he dies for season 2. You would feel ripped off somehow.

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        kosamja1 BANNED

        If clementine dies and we play in season 3 as somene else, one ending is enough. But since they are making 2 new games + wolf among us, I think they will never make season 3.

        • I wouldn't be so sure about that. The work progress will probably be: TWD S2 + TWAU -> GoT + Borderlands -> TWD S3 + ???

          unless, of course, TWD S2 turns out to be a total disaster.

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