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Will Telltale release their engine to the public?

posted by HSPLazerz on - last edited - Viewed by 4.2K users

Wouldn't it be great if Telltale would release their engine to the public? Oh the happy ending mods...

Seriously though, i would love that, from subtitle translation to full convertion mods ;D.

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We can make Terminator Clem a reality this way :O.

Update: Jennifer (Moderator) said that "Telltale is against modding their games (for obvious reasons, since it would make the license holders very unhappy if there were versions of Telltale's games out there that did things that the license holders didn't like).

At one time though (back in 2007), Telltale wanted to release a community focused tool to create your own games. I doubt that's still a plan though, unfortunately."

Well... fuck.

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