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Not a fan of (Telltales) Episodic Gaming

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Its different and unique but when you leave 6 weeks in between episodes for an hour of game play it is a complete waste. I love the game and telltale has done a great job at every aspect with the quality of the game but as they proved last year and I am almost positive they will prove this year they don't stay true to deadlines.

Im sure some of you like it, but I want to believe most of us are like me and after 2 weeks of sitting on a forum where every other thread is "OMG ITS KENNY" starts to get boring.

I love that the game is pretty cheap by money standards. I mean 25 bucks for 4 hours of a great "campaign mode" is a GREAT if not the best rate in video games. I mean I don't think anyone is complaining about 5 bucks an episode but telltale is leaving A LOT of money on the table with the episodic gaming.

I am willing to bet that almost everyone on this forum would be willing to pay 40+ (or even 60 like a regular xbox 360 game) to get the whole season in one go. You may think you would be able to not pull the trigger but once you see everyone else playing it and once you get hooked you will most certainly fork over the extra bucks.

I just don't understand the concept of episodic gaming. Sure, it gives time on the forums for everyone to complain and make assumptions for the next episode but I feel like its a lose/lose for everyone . . . and that is directed at telltale and the players. There losing money, and aggravating fans by not staying true to their deadlines, and we are forced to wait two months for an hour of gameplay. It just doesn't make sense.

Before you comment and say "then don't play" or "then don't come on the forums" don't get me wrong I love the game and the forums are. . . entertaining to an extent, but it just kills the mood in my opinion. It would work if telltale either offered the whole 5 episode season for a higher price, or if they made the wait between episodes significantly shorter (like a week or 2 tops.) A month and MORE in between episodes just seems ridiculous.

Telltale hasn't said anything about the release date, or even release trailer about episode 2 . . .doesnt that hint to anyone that we might be on the same path as Season 1 ? I hope I am wrong of course but I would be shocked if next episode comes out in January. Based off Season 1 I would expect a release some time around Valentines Day.

  • It seams you haven't played half life 2 and the episodic unlike this game ,half life eps were longer.

    But actually you don't know they might surprise us and make the game longer.I really hope so and they said they will make it better

    • Episode 1 was really short. Not sure how much shorter it was, but it was noticeable more short. I mean think about it there were essentially four scenes in the game: campfire, dog, getting the supplies, and the river incident. I feel like there was just more content in other episodes. I didn't like that you really didn't get to talk to anyone either. Like when you were in the gas station in episode 3 last season where you could talk to everyone and have a full conversation with them. . . even if its more "movie scenes" I would like to see a much longer episode next time around (at least a half hr longer would suffice for me)

      and your right never played any other episodic games before.

      • I think future episodes will be longer. Most of the episodes in season 1 were about 2 hours long.

      • I was surprise when the game ended it was shorter compared to the first one.I really really REALLY hope they make changes ,well other than the art.

      • The reason the episode is short us because they made the Nick/Pete choice occur after about an hour and a half. In an interview, one of the developers said that choice's effects are going to have such a major role in the story that going into them would be too much for episode 1. I have a feeling that the next episode will be slightly longer.

        • Really!?finally meaningful choice outcome,that means there's going to be two stories in episode 2 and they will stop making us choose between two I hope they will not make us choose between Sarah or someone else.Do you have the link of the interview or something.

          • I think its a load of bs. Pete will die. They need to keep the stories the same. I don't think telltale has the revenue or resources to handle a completely "unique" story for everyone.

    • Valve is about the single worst example you could cite of a company doing episodic gaming well.

  • I might be wrong here as I'm just speaking my thoughts and speculations, but I think Telltale has a lot of fine tuning to do as far as the inside of their company goes. A lot of people had never even heard of TTG before TWD, that game was definitely their breakthrough and their way into the spotlight. They were a much smaller company and are seemingly trying to progress and expand, and I think that were all watching them go through the awkward transition phase. I definitely agree with your post, I love their games and everything else but the way they go about PR and the episodic content could use some tweaking. I think in the future they'll find a balance to please to fans and carry on as they see fit.

    • Completely agree. TWD is there "cash cow." Just feel like they could be making so much more money off it.

    • Both the comics and the TV show are released similarly, where we only get a chunk and we wait for the next episode. It's good from a marketing standpoint because it gives people time to talk about the series and let people get into it. And when people get hyped for the next episode, people speculate and talk about it, giving it popularity. Every episode is about 2-4 hours long (don't tell me you did it in one, it only seems like it), and if they do it that way they we get a longer, expansive game because they get the money as your playing parts of the game and can tell whether or not the game will be profitable, and gives different writers opportunities to tell their stories in different episodes. If they released the entire thing, we'd have to wait a much longer time to get it and would probably cost quite a bit more. Not only that, but we wouldn't get all these cliffhanger moments throughout the story, they'd just be plot twists that we experience immediately. I don't know about you, but I like cliffhangers better than plot twists for some reason.

      • Oh yeah, don't get me wrong, I like the episodic content for the reasons you stated above. But myself and others agree that Telltale could do a better job with it. I only said what I said above because of two reasons:
        The Wolf Among Us. It's been delayed for quite a while now, and that's fine with me, I want them to take time to flesh out a really good episode. But the problem with a lot of people is that they paid for the game and the developers aren't communicating with them in any way to tell them what the hold up is. There is no information currently about TWAU ep. 2 other than we'll get news sometime this month. That's not what people who paid money for a product want to hear, because let's face it, ep. 2 at this rate could never be released for all we know, because we know nothing.

        The other reason is the release date for TWD Season 2. I found that REALLY weird, the release date wasn't confirmed until a day before (for PC), and it wasn't even on a grandscale, it was just puzzlebox replying to a thread on here and saying it'd be out the next day. I found that really weird and I don't see what the harm could've been if Telltale would've just said, "Hey guys, sorry for the wait, TWD will probably be released on xx/xx/xxxx, but take that with a grain of salt as we're waiting for confirmation from Microsoft (or whatever reason)."

        And now that they've taken on new IPs it seems obvious that, with their new found and quite large fanbase from TWD, they're looking to expand as a company. That's great, but they weren't as popular before TWD and just from speculation alone, it seems like they're in some sort of awkward transition state. Have they ever had the need to communicate with the fanbase before about delays? I'm not sure, but the scale was never the way it is now, and they need to beef up their PR department if one even exists currently unless they want continually bad feedback from fans and consumers.

        Trust me, I'm not trying to hate on Telltale and I don't really mind any of the above, but it's an issue with a lot of people regardless.

        • I do agree with you, TellTale can handle it a bit better. Since they're breakthrough with the first season, they're going through a transition stage and it's effecting the games. The episodic idea has worked pretty well for them, but they're pushing the gaps a bit too big. I don't want to spend eight months playing The Walking Dead or The Wolf Among Us to the end. They should release an episode every 3-6 weeks, not like two months as they usually do. And the lack of feedback/announcements is kind of screwed up, it's really easy to announce the launch of a video game, and not doing that is actually hurting them. I like the concept of episodic gaming, but as you said, it's not being executed correctly.

          • Couldn't have said it better myself. I truthfully don't mind the wait but I don't speak for the entire community, and looking at the community's' voice, the wait just isn't okay. I think Telltale is a good company and they'll take notes on how to better handle things like this in the future, but we're kind of stuck in the transition phase with them, which can seem a little hopeless and discomforting.

  • I love the concept of it. I'd rather they complete either the first two or three first and then release them say one a month or so while they prep the others with fan feedback and such OR just use fan feedback from S1 and complete all of S2 before releasing it one ep a month. This way it's more like the way TV shows do things so the wait keeps you hyped yet isn't a complete drag.

    • I like the hype too but the in between shows is only 7 days. 7 days is an accurate amount of time to discuss and speculate as to what it is going to happen. 30 days if not 50 days is a little too much. Heck the actual tv episode is an hour and so is the game! by that logic we should be getting episodes weekly!

  • "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." The level of eagerness and anticipation that a Telltale episodic game generates via its periodic releases makes people more invested in the game and in the company than if they just release the whole season all at once.

    That being said, yeah, they need to speed up the releases. A month is fine by me. Any more than that is pushing it.

  • The time in between episodes also gives them very important information on how to make the next episode. What people want to see, what they don't, what they expect, and what would shock them (us).

  • 25 bucks for 4 hours? im confused its more 20 bucks for 8 hours.

  • i love it way more than the game coming out all at once. its just something i enjoy. i dont feel like a have to play 8 hours of gameplay in two days. i can play little bit and finish in a day or two. then a month or two later i can do the same thing. though i agree with you when it comes to releasing the episodes every 4 weeks is perfect for me not every 10 weeks.

  • Good writers take their time, that includes a games story.

    • seeing as how every episode already has a name and thumbnail out, im pretty sure theyre not writing in between releases

      • That is the basic story concept, not it's content or dialog.

      • If they were completely written beforehand, it would rather destroy the whole point of the episodic gaming structure. Episodic gaming means the writers can adjust to fan response in later episodes, changing the things everyone hates and adding more of what people request.

        They almost certainly have a broad outline of where they're going and what they're doing. But many of the details will only be established as we progress into the story.

        • Is there some information about anything they adjusted based on feedback? all im hearing is how telltale completely ignores this forum

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    HiroVoid Moderator

    You can always wait for the full game to come out if you want to play it all in one go. Most people who buy the game don't even discuss it on forums or message boards anyway. They simply play it, and then do other things until the next episode comes out.

    • I don't want to wait till next September so i can play the game straight through. I really enjoy playing and I am free this time of the year so I would love to just sit through it now. By putting it out in episodes, it also severely diminishes replay value. For me I play through the story mode of the game then play through it again in a few months when I am bored. I can't play episode 1 again . . .

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        HiroVoid Moderator

        Well, they're not done with the whole thing yet. If you wanted the 'full game' format, the game would be released around the same time as when all the episodes release.

  • $25 for 4 hours is terrible. I bought TWD S1 for like.. $7, and I have 24 hours on it.

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