• Interesting theory. It makes a lot of sense, actually.

  • maybe the entire series is a dream sequence?

    • yeah, after season 2, Clem wakes up and gets greeted by Lee. "Mornin' sweet pea." and everyone will be like: "OOOOOOOOHHH, They didn't!"

      then the scene changes and Rick wakes up. "Weird...why the heck was I dreaming about that black guy?" Carl: "Dad, are you losing it again?" Rick: "God, I wish you were more like that Clem girl was in that dream of mine..."

      Then Rick wakes up again in hospital to be greeted by Shane and Lori. Rick is all like: "Holy shit! I just dreamed we were in a ZA!" and Shane laughs at him and say: "Funny, but seriously, Rick. You have been in coma for two years. I married Lori now." Then Rick jumps up and strangles Shane.

      The next scene Leonardo Di Caprio wakes up and says: "Holy shit...I dreamed about some guy who fell into a coma and dreamed about being stuck in a ZA. In there, he dreamed about some guy called Lee, who was with a girl who dreamed he was dead......I NEED TO GO DEEPER!"

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