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The Walking Dead wont redownload

posted by YunGPurPaL on - Viewed by 1.7K users

I downloaded the season 1 pass and all episodes about a year ago and now I am trying to redownload it but it will not work, it will finishing installing and then I go to my games and the icon wont pop up. I downloaded it on the ps3 if that helps, please help if possible.

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    After you download the game, you should get the icon that you can click on to install it (It will have a white bubble around it). If that Icon is not showing up for you, I would make sure that the download completed all the way, and/or make sure you have a strong internet connection when downloading the file.

  • I have a simular problem. I can download all the content but when i go to play the game it will only let me play the demo it keeps saying i purchased episodes 2-400 days but it wont let me play the hole first episode i bought it a year ago and i recently tried to redownload i dont understand why i can download all content but can only play demo version why is that telltale?

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      TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

      It sounds like you are playing the demo version of the game. Make sure you have downloaded and installed both the Demo and the Unlock Key from the Playstation Store. If you have purchased them on the Store, please go to the Store's home page, and scroll all of the way to the bottom. You will find View Downloads towards the bottom. Inside your Downloads page, you will find the Unlock Key that you need to unlock the Full Game. It will be between 2 and 3mb in size. After downloading and installing that, you will be able to play the full game.

  • Umm what did i say i downloaded everything i was suppose to even the full game version it still wont let me play anything but the demo. That unlock key is the full game unlock i downloaded that so now what do u think needs to be done cuz its pissing me off im about to give up all together on telltale games i downloaded everything so whats ur suggestion now i get refunded n buy the game back huh?

  • And I dont appreciate u treating me like i dont know how to download my games ive had a ps3 since they came out and nothing has changed on the download end of it. Ypu r rude for doing that im 24urs old im not stupid so stop treating me like i am.

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    My suggestion would be to delete your game from your system, as well as your game saves from the Save Utility menu, and your Game Data from the Game Data Utility menu, and make sure there aren't any other files on your system associated with The Walking Dead game. Then re-download fresh versions of both the game and the unlock key, and you should be able to play the full version of the game. Also, please make sure that you are connected to the internet the first time you launch the game to make sure you are receiving the latest update for the game from the Playstation Network.

  • Ive already done all of that as well i had psn walk me through that as well and it still dont let me play but the demo. Now what suggestion do u have?

  • I finally got it to work but i lost all saved data and game data no thanks to telltale games i lost all of my crap just so i can have my game back and not have to bit the money i spent on it. I had to restore my ps3 thanks a lot telltale for making me lose my saved games.

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