i miss clem :'(

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everyday i dont play the walking dead i just feel depressed its like your own daughter went away for a month it just sad :'(


  • Then replay episodes constantly? Nothing we can do, the series will inevitable end at some point so you'd have to deal with that.

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    Glad I'm not the one overly obsessed! No offence :)

  • I 'm relieved as well lol. I'm a little...just a little...obsessed!!!

  • I know the feels bro :'(

  • She didn't go anywhere yet

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    Woah this was a necrobump.

  • I thought I was uncomfortably attached to a fictional 11 year old girl... I feel a little better now lol.

  • That was the whole point of this game, to get attached to Clementine. This is what makes it so special. It would never have worked, if we weren't attached and concerned for her welfare.
    There is a line Lee says to Vernon which we all know and speaks for most of us who play this game.

  • I dont really miss her to be honest

  • I dont really miss her to be honest

    I know , i am glad she is gone, its like when the parents send their kids to Summer Camp to get away from them for two months.

  • I miss Clementine everyday, friend :'(

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    Same here, pal, but I miss game at all everyday, and feel exactly the same feel as you , but for Kenny. God, I hope Telltale will release this DLC or whatever it is REEAAL soon.

  • You guys are DEAD INSIDE...

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    I don't miss her lol. I'm hoping season 2 is the last we've seen of her (as protagonist anyways)

  • She is just a game character. She was alright in season 1, though her behaviour in the last 2 episodes annoyed me a bit

    In season 2 I just found her to be just sort of there as she was the playable character

  • But hasn't she?


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    I thought I was crazy for being attached to this game, but knowing someone has it worse makes me feel warm inside. Yeah, I'm horrible.

  • Me too. Well... now to do some wrestling and catch up on game of thrones

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    You guys are DEAD INSIDE...

    As dead as Clementine, when she loses someone, she doesn't care, just like me.

    IE Sarah's Death. That death would of bothered me a little bit, TBH, hearing her call my name. Clementine didn't care one bit.

  • She'll be back soon with a great new story to tell. You should think about that, not about how you miss her.

  • me too. i seen like some reactions youtube about the game and it has me anxious to play the game from the beginning, but i also want a new game

  • {Pete gets devoured by walkers}

    Nick: "PETE!"

    Clem: "...we have to go"

    Reggie, Alvin, Luke, Bonnie, Sarah die

    Clem: ...

    {Nick claws at the fence; torn apart}

    Clem: "....its nick"

    {Carlos get devoured}

    Sarah: "No daddy!"

    Clem: "SARAH SHUT UP!!"

    Sarita falls to the ground dazed

    Clem: "She was bit I had to do it {Smashes Sarita with axe}"

    The group stares at the dead Rebecca full of mourning...

    Clem: "Lets go"


    But "something" is COMING ;)

  • I miss her a lot as well bro, don't you worry you aren't the only person that misses her <3 she'll be back shortly.

  • carn't tell u how much I agree with this...

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