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SPOILER - Snow White

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Hi all,

Due to waiting for The Walking Dead S02E02, I decided to give TWAU a try.
Needless to say I absolutely enjoyed it, although i was sceptic at first.

In any case, was quite shocked to find out Snow was the latest in the victims of the killer.

However I did some searching on the wikia's and I stumbled upon the following line:
"(It can be assumed that due to her popularity as a Fable she will recover)."

How would that work? And if it would work for Snow why wouldn't it for Faith?
Can somebody elaborate?

my apologies if this was explained already before, I just joined this board.

  • I was highly surprised too. I wish it wasn't her tbh. I doubt they're gunna bring her back due to favoritism. Look at Lee he's dead and he was a fan favorite and won't come back. Just like Snow. They sadly died for a reason.

  • Well they are fairy tale creature so i'm assuming magic or some kind of potion that can revive her. Or maybe even a Genie, we did see that lamp next to the talking mirror so i don't see why not.

    Hell i hope she does come back.

  • i wish tell tale wouldnt have snow die or at least have it towards the end like they did in the walking dead it just makes the game less intresting(in my opinion) but there rumors about her coming back but idk

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