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Ending for season 2.

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So, how will season 2 end? Will it end with Clementine's death or she survives this time and possibly finds a safe place?

Honestly, I hope Telltale makes a different ending and not have Clementine die because it would feel like Telltale are running out of ideas and if they make a season 3, I think we would lose interest if they kill Clementine in season 2 cause who would want to play another new protagonist in season 3 if he/she dies anyways?

  • i REALLY hope she doesnt die beause then nobody would ever play this again.but im not sure i mean they let lee die so i think we can just wait for the the end of it

  • I don't like the idea of her dying one bit, but I'd still play it. I do admit that I would loose a lot of interest in future seasons though if they decide to continue :x

  • I don't think Telltale would kill off Clementine this season: I'm pretty sure they will have Clementine go on for a few more seasons. They are doing a good job making us worry for her, though.

    • but Telltale is gonna run out of ideas sometime so maybe in season 5 she is gonna die they cant make like 10000 season with her and they wouldnt just let her go like this

      • My guess is that she will definitely be the protagonist for next season, then something will happen to her sort of like Kenny: we are left clueless on if she is alive, dead, walker, or worse. I don't think they would run the risk of pissing off fans this soon, especially with Omid.

  • quite positive she won't see her end this season, instead it'll be another immense emotional trauma.
    Don't know how much more that girl can take tbh..

  • I don't think she'll die, but something tells me she WON'T be the main protagonist in Season 3(if there is a season 3)

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