• I think it will end up being the same thing as Lee: the infection may have already spread and he may live through one more episode then die. I'm worried about Nick, though.

    • You know what would be cool, if we have to get supplies and do the procedure for Pete. If we do the operation successfully, Pete lives, if you fail or do it too slow, he dies. Now that be an interesting choice, and would affect future episodes :)

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      If you cut lee's arm he dies because of blood loss, not because of the infection.

      • Why would Clem need to shoot a man dying of blood loss? He was obviously in the early zombie stages.

        • It's not the bite that turns you into a walker. He was going to turn from the blood loss anyway. Like the guy from the beginning of Ep2.

          • Crap, you're right. I wasn't even thinking. How can you be sure it was from blood loss, though?

            • This is the comic continuity and the infection will stop spreading if you cut the limb off. If you don't cut off Lee's arm, he faints several more times throughout the episode. If you do cut off the arm, it's from blood loss because it wasn't cut off correctly. After Lee faints and wakes up during the procedure, there's drops of blood dripping from his stump which is a very bad sign since it means it wasn't cut off properly.

            • Consider that Lee doesn't get his blackouts if you cut off his arm. If he was already too infected for it to be effective, then he should have had blackouts regardless of whether or not he cut off his arm. Also, nobody in the group is a doctor and apparently all that was done is bandage the stump which doesn't stop blood loss. In addition, during two playthroughs where I cut then kept the arm, I noticed that if you kept the arm, Lee looks more like a walker and is much sicker whereas if you cut it off, Lee looks relatively well albeit much paler. Furthermore, in the comics, Dale was bitten and didn't have his leg cut off until much later and he survived.

  • Pete will die. I just can't see telltale diverging the stories that much.

    • Would be way to much work.

      • Hopefully they will make two choices at least have some impact on future episodes :)

        • I see it more as a Ben impact. Carley/Doug had a role to play until they died, whereas Pete doesn't since he is dead in one situation. He may make it into E3 but I don't see it past that. Could be wrong though.

          • I think the choice of whether or not to save Pete will determine how the group sees Clem in a way.

            Pete gave orders to both Nick and Clem to come to his side, and Pete was clearly the one in charge among this small group of Nick, Pete and Clem. By abandoning Pete, it could be seen as the inability to follow orders, as well as not providing Pete the hospitality she herself asked for in Episode 1.

            By saving Pete it establishes that Clementine is not just focused on herself and her survival, by being willing to try and save Pete in a situation where he was most certainly bitten, and Nick may even be greatly thankful to Clem for trying to save his uncle, even if they had a rocky relationship.

            Ultimately I think Pete will die with either choice, but the way you play it will make a larger impact on how the group perceives you.

        • EDIT: Wrong comment.

  • The amputation scene will be gruesome regardless lol

  • I'm gonna say that Pete dies, solely based on the fact that I think he's awesome.

  • I think that Pete wont live long enough to see whether or not the amputation was a success, and if you went with Nick then he dies the same way Pete would.

    ...An interesting thing would be if how each of them dies is they run into the zombified version of the other one.

  • Be nice if it got the point where the story could differ in there games as much as say, the Witcher 2?

  • Pete will die, If he cut it off and survived il be mad Lee didn't make it doing the same thing

  • I want him to survive but I honestly doubt he will, I don't see TellTale diverging the story that much.

    I feel like Pete will die regardless and Nick will make it back to the group safely regardless of choice.

  • It's gonna be "Pete dies anyway, Nick lives no matter who you pick" sadly :(

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