• yeah probably i think he is gonna be kinda like the lee of season 2 :D

  • I think It will be Kenny if he comes back considering he was in season 1 and everyone else that was in it is either dead, lost or spanning off in the comics. If not Kenny then I think Luke, people are saying Pete but my Pete is dead so that can't happen, I also have a feeling it might be Nick. I hope they don't do this but I believe he is going to survive either way as he doesn't die in either outcome.

  • Weirdly i think Nick,Rebecca and Sarah seem to have the most potential for story arcs

    Luke and Alvin are nice guys but well what can you do with nice charcaters

  • The most influential characters on the story in Season 1 seemed to be Lee, Kenny, and Lily to me. Just like how they were the main leaders of the group.

    So, I'm gonna go with Carlos, Nick, and the decision whether or not to save Pete will probably have big repercussions as well.

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