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one thing I wish

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you know I love the walking dead game and the wolf among us, I just wish telltale would actually make it a game. Now Im not talking like a shooter or anything like that, I mean adventure game. I grew up on games like the original monkey island, full throttle, and the dig. Going back to season 1 of the walking dead it seemed like by ep. 4 there were no puzzles last one I remember was the boring train puzzle from ep 3, and the wolf among us had no puzzles what so ever. Now I dont need super abstract puzzles like you saw in the dig or monkey island, but more in the vein of full throttle where there were some challenging puzzles but they made sense. Maybe have an easy mode where its basically just the story and than have the advance mode with more challenging puzzles for users like myself who like those things. Just a thought bc I miss real adventure games

  • I agree especially for S2E1 of TWD. There were very few interactables and even less that were part of a puzzle, simple or otherwise.

    • I actually liked some of the puzzles in episode one of the first season not counting the "battery" one. I think that was a reason that episode felt longer bc it had more gameplay and puzzles.

      • That's why I said season 2 episode 1. I agree, simple puzzles with other interactables thrown in add so much gametime with little work so I don't see why they didn't add more. I liked the battery puzzle though, made me laugh and it's the reason I chose Carley over Doug haha, that and she was a crack shot.

  • I love point and click adventure games, personal fave is Simon the Sorcerer with Chris Barrie! Anyway Telltale didn't want to involve to many puzzles because people might not be good at them and they want you to progress through the story and not become unimmersed. I would love more puzzles but I'm content the way it is if I'm honest.

  • Its really adding a puzzle that makes sense in the world; honestly the ep 1 puzzle was annoying in some ways


  • It would also help if the character didn't speak to themselves so much when alone.
    The game allready isn't challenging, so getting hints from the character is just adding insult to injury.

    Plus it feels awkward a lot of the time.

  • I'm a fan of puzzles in adventure games too. But The Walking Dead and Fable comics don't lend themselves to well with the kinds of puzzles you would expect to see in games under the Monkey Island or Sam and Max license. Which is, I think a good thing, Telltale should respect the source material and I don't see even the more reasonable puzzling that came with old LucasArts adventure games translating very well to the IP Telltale is currently working with.

  • Its not an Adventure game. If it ain't broke don't fix it. The Walking Dead is amazing as it is and to the puzzle thing, WTF? i don't wanna be doing no darn puzzle. This is an Apocalypse you don't do puzzles, be realistic

  • im going to rip off a full throttle puzzle just to show what I mean by simple puzzles, so the problem and solution im going to present is a puzzle in full throttle but replaced with a TWD situation

    lets say clem is getting chased by a zombie horde and is driven towards a junk yard wall with a chain thats connected to a dock door that slides open when she trys to climb the chain to scale the wall. earlier in the game she picked up a pad lock that she puts in her back pack, as the player you quickly think to put the padlock on the sliding door so now when you climb the chain the door wont open and you scale the wall and escape. see there is a simple puzzle that would fit perfectly in TWD universe.

  • exactly the first three eps were full of simple puzzles and then telltale took them out for ep 4 and 5 for the most part and now have non in season 2 or the wolf among us, maybe they think we are too dumb to problem solve, I guess x3holy agrees lol.

  • TellTale always make games that are like a TV series or film and are story-like. Their game ethos is based on telling a story and captivating the player. I think with point-and-click games it's easier to ensure there's more focus on the story and the characters, and the puzzles are just there to make a change in the gameplay and give some light relief before the next bit of action. I don't think they have the expertise to create really good shooters/adventure games that aren't point-and-click unless they either collaborated with another company more specialised or changed their staff.

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