• Nope. No matter what, Bonnie always goes with Tavia. I'm pretty sure it's because the writers needed someone to go with her to influence the story in S2. Don't know why she was the one though.

    • She was the happiest of the group, and the one with her trust broken by others the least, I suppose.

      Shel and Becca began to not trust their group after what happened to them, Becca doesn't trust others much to begin with it seems, Wyatt ends up not trusting others much if Eddie leaves him instead of the other way around, Russel of course doesn't trust others much after being with Nate, Vince is odd....if you save one man on the bus, he leaves Vince and that makes Vince want to go with Tavia, it makes him trust her more. But if you save the one who stays with him and dies somehow he doesn't go with Tavia, not trusting her. So if you save the one that should make him trust people more, he trusts people less. It's odd.

      At least on my main save file iirc I got everyone to go with Tavia, so that's nice. :D

  • Still not sure how Bonnie and the others are gonna come into play...

  • I guess the first answer is the most correct one, they needed someone to go with Tavia. Then again, why did that person had to be Bonnie, i have no idea!

  • this annoyed me as Bonnie was my least favorite character. I hated being the homewrecker b!tch that wanted the D (insert downvotes here I guess -V-) it was just my opinion

    • Bonnie was just some poor woman who was lucky enough to be given a second chance after being hooked on drugs. Dee was the real asshole of the story. Especially when she keeps muttering "You junkie bitch, you killed me" as you're trying to explain that it was an accident. Also, I'm quite certain there isn't even a dialogue option to imply that you want to shag Leland.

      /rant over

      • In Dee's defense, you killed her. In my opinion, she has the right to be just a little bit upset over that.

        • In Dee's defense part 2. As a man I know if a guy was flirting with my girl like they were I'd be bitter over the situation too. its the end of the world and her husband is flirting with another woman. who else is she supposed to turn too when the one person shes supposed to be able to trust has possible feelings for another woman? I personally like my original ending with Dee hitting Bonnie with the flashlight.

        • Not necessarily, since she apparently planned to kill Bonnie too. If you don't hit her, she hits you with the flashlight she's holding and it gives you a game over screen. Or course, it could be the same case for her as it is when Bonnie hits her, an accident.

          • yeah its an accident no matter who hits who. I just wonder what dees reaction would be to accidently hitting bonnie.... Dee, Deez nutz! sorry had to get that out of my system XD

          • Alt text

            I shamelessly stole this picture from Robert_Morgan.

          • Dee has a line "I thought I heard you..." which sort of gives me the impression she decided to eliminate Bonnie while Leland wasn't there. She has a flashlight, so she can see. Clearly the people after them aren't trying to hide or cower anywhere. They're very visible, making noise, talking to each other. I don't think Dee hitting Bonnie was an accident.

            • What do you have to do to get that line from Dee? .-.

              • yeah,that dude is right! i noticed that too! Dee knew it was Bonnie, and she planned to hit her to die.(at first, i didn't want to hit her, but then Bonnie was hit and game over. so i had to hit her accidentally, and i felt real sorry for her,then she called me a junkie -.- that woman is a snake~~ (Dee did say the line that dude mentioned , i sure saw it too)

                • If she did, I don't recall it, at least not on my most recent time playing 400 days. Maybe you have to have a certain dialogue choice for her to say it.

                  • Probably. if Dee was alive, I bet sooner or later she will kill Bonnie anyway, with no any hesitation ! that's what she is . god, this woman really isn't worth sympathism ~ €€€€€€€€€-__-

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              • It's in this.
                11:20 about. Seems the choice is "I didn't know it was you!" and Dee sort of rambles
                "There was no... I thought I... saw you."

                So, I guess it wasn't "heard" but saw isn't better. Dee saw Bonnie hide and decided to club her with the flashlight!

  • gosh I hate bonnie, way over done mashed potato sounding country accent

  • They were both crazy o.0

  • What I want to know is a) what happened to Leland and b) what was in that bag Dee found.

  • If Bonnie cannot stay, I think it's a dick move by Telltale to give a picture of her on the staying side of people at the end of 400 days, to make it seem like she can stay. :|

  • the way I see it, nobody knows the fate of either staying at the camp or going with tavia... in my save everybody except bonnie stayed at the camp... and I liked it that way because the way I see it, the camp might be like another Crawford or Woodbury or whatever... ... I guess we wont know for sure until the rest of the season is released...

    • i don't know though, the guy on the radio told Tavia "we're building a good group here. Let's keep it that way." But I do think sooner or later this community will break down, either by human error or a zombie raid

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