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I want a refund for my season pass

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I may not be entitled for you to move faster with your game or for you to give me rightful updates on the delay. However I am entitled to a refund if I am dissatisfied with your services and so far I am.

  • I am sure most people agree that Telltale's lack of communication about the delay is unprofessional and irritating at best. Hell, I wonder why they are developing two new projects based on big franchises when they can barely keep up with their current games. So far we have only been given an "update" which included a measly two pictures that barely reassured anyone of any sort of progress on Telltale's part. We also have an ambiguous "early January" update, which may only just be another update and not the release of the game. All of this is reason enough to be mad. But you cannot receive a refund because when you purchased the season pass it stated "No Refunds" or something like that in small print. You basically have two choices. Remain bitter and resentful at Telltale and refuse to purchase any more of their games, or frustratingly stick around like the rest of us and wait until Telltale gets their shit together. I recommend the latter, because TWAU is so far amazing and when the second episode is finally released you will probably end up wanting to play it anyway.

    • Telltale only has the licenses for those games. They already stated they try not to take on more than two projects at a time and also stated that they will not begin work on those games until TWAU and TWD are done. The plan for Borderlands and GOT is that they assign a TINY team to each project for pre-production stuff, characters, rough story, stuff like that. They won't actually start working on those games probably until the end of this year.

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    fusedmass BANNED

    You can contact the BBB, and ask them for a refund. It may not work. But it is a choice.

  • If you desperately want a refund, asking for one on their foru-COMMUNITY is the wrong way to go about it, since the Telltale staff don't tend to visit here. Try getting in touch with Support, that might be a better shot.

    I seriously doubt they'll actually GIVE you a refund just because you're dissatisfied with a game though, in much the same way a real-life Video Game Store won't give you a refund on a game you bought just because you played a bit of it and didn't like it.

    The delay for episode 2 sucks. It does. I feel it almost as much as you (though I'll admit my ever-increasing backlog of other games is somewhat dulling my irritation a great deal, stupid Steam sales). But I can almost guarantee that it won't be enough to get you a refund. You're welcome to try though - let us know how you get on.

  • I don't know how true it is but on the wolf among us wiki it says episode two will be released on psn on 7/1/14 and xbox and pc on 8/1/14

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    Jennifer Moderator

    As Darth Marsden said, contact There's not much that can be done in this section of the forums, as the Telltale support staff are the only people who can help you with that.

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