Screws up at the menu

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Hi everyone,

I have an issue with regards to starting my Walking Dead game which I purchased from the Telltale website. I lost my save (which is my fault) so I wanted to start from Season 1 again before moving onto 400 Days/S2.

The issue occurs when I attempt start the game up. Two things may either occur, the log in pop up comes up and asks for my details. After putting them in, the pop up goes away, but I am infinitely stuck on the title screen. Or some variation of this, where the pop up doesn't show up at all, and the game just freezes at the title screen. Please, please help.

P.S. I think a couple of days ago I saw a guy/girl have the same issue on here and was told to update something, but I do forget what that was. Is there something specific that may need updating? Thanks in advance.


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