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    I'm going to feel a tightly bit slighted. If it ends up being Crane, the Mayor of the city. I said before the way their heads are cut off. It could be him. It was slammed as being a dumb idea. It does make sense logically, headless horseman...heads of victims..they always make it the not so obvious choice.

  • what about grendel. he's obviously upset with the system, but why would he kill faith? i really have no idea. :\

    • Perhaps to point out that the "real" investigation only begins when someone important like Snow is killed, while the little people like Faith only get the second hand treatment.

  • Here's my opinion I don't think its possible for the Woodsman to have killed Snow since I do believe he was at the bar all night. Decapitation appears to be Blue beards MO so its possible. Again I don't think Lawrence could have killed Snow since if you visit him second he's killed himself. The Pimp is possible but its unlikely he'd drop the head on the Sheriff's door step unless he thought Faith was going to turn him in and even then it sounds like a dumb move. I doubt that Dee or Dum kill either of them I believe they've been hired to to find and acquire Faith's Donkey Skin cloak. On another topic in this forum someone puts forth the theory that these murders are directed at Crane if so the Horseman does have mean motive and opportunity and it is his MO. I don't think the Redhead is just a stock character another topic makes some good point that he may be "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" and for that reason he's the killer but in that same logic he may know who the killer is and hasn't told anyone because he's a famous liar and doesn't thin any one will believe him. Grendel's a honest to goodness monster so it is possible but for what reason and to what ends would be the question. As for me I don't believe there's enough evidence at the moment to make a decision.

  • It's possible the killer is someone we haven't met yet in the game.

  • I suspect that we haven't met the real killer, and I'm willing to bet that we'll have at least two more major "fake out" type revelations in-story. Even if we do find the "real" killer by the end of Ep. 2, he/she is just a pawn, I'd wager.

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