Season 1 Episode 2 download problems

I purchased TWD season 1 from Telltale and ran it on my old laptop last year. Decided to play it on this new laptop before I put season 2 on here to play. I cannot get episode 2 from season 1 to download. At first it would load to ten percent, then give me the "connection lost, make sure you are connected to the internet" error message. On one attempt it did get to 80% download before it stopped and gave me the error message. Since that time, it started over at 1% and will not go beyond that point. I can't even count how many times I've tried to download. I remember having issues with this sort of thing last year, but thought there had been some patches done that fixed the problem. I ran the support tool, and here is my link. Thanks for any help you can give!


  • DjNDBDjNDB Moderator
    edited January 2014

    Have you tried connecting your notebook via cable instead of WiFi?

    If the ingame download still doesn't work properly, I suggest you try the unofficial download workaround. The Semi-Automatic version will make it easy to download all episodes properly.

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