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Game gets stuck

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I have discovered it's possible to look at the honey and quickly talk to Tom, so that both things happen at the same time. The dialog options for talking come up, and then disappear when Tom says, "You're welcome to try, short stuff".
Then, you're stuck, being unable to do anything, while Tom and Fone stare at each other for eternity.
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  • Thanks for letting us know.

    Are you able to access the main menu using the Esc key? If so, try saving your game, and then loading it. See if that gets you "unstuck".

    Please let us know if it works or not.
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    Do you have to buy the full version to be able to save the game?

    In any case, I am able to access the main menu, although just closing it again doesn't fix the problem.
  • I realized after I posted that you were probably playing the demo, which wouldn't have a save option. :(

    Unfortunately, then, the only advice I can offer at the moment is "don't do that". I brought it to the development team's attention so it can be fixed. Are you still pretty close to the beginning of the demo? Hopefully you won't have to replay too much.
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    Hi, just to let you know, I finally got round to buying the full version of the game.
    (So far I'm enjoying it, I was also pleasantly surprised to find it begins a little bit before the demo :)
    It can still get stuck in the same place. It won't let you save there, although you can load a savegame as a way of escaping the problem without having to quit.
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