• Thanks for the bold warning, stop me from reading.

  • Nice observation - i would of never thought of it that way.

  • I've never read the comics but I do kind of wonder about Faith's ribbon. It seems to be right around her neck where it was cut and her head was severed, and she goes out of her way to have you make note of it. I really don't know what it could mean, if anything, but it was certainly left open ended. I definitely don't think that's the last we'll see of Snow or Faith.

  • I always wondered if Snow was hiding some things. I may just be totally crazy but the looks she gave the ginger guy as Snow and Bigby were going down to find Faith's head were kind of nervous looks. It seemed she and the ginger knew something. I mean like if he had come from outside wouldn't he have seen the head too? Wouldn't the ginger have run straight up to Bigby to tell him about it? But then again the ginger looked a little nervous too. Maybe Snow told him not to report Faith's death in order to keep him in the background. Also Snow "dying" makes it look like she wanted Bigby to be really focused on this case (him and Snow were close so now the whole thing is personal). If Snow is really behind all this maybe its because she really wants Crane out of office. Remember she was upset that she couldn't help other fables who asked for help because of the way Crane wanted things to be run.In my opinion I think this theory could be somewhat possible and it could really twist the story (considering everyone sees Snow as an open person, nice, and helpful person). I just feel like shes hiding some things and her reactions are a little weird. As I said earlier maybe I'm just totally crazy and need to get a grip but I think TellTale would try this (a nice helpful girl that has more to do with this than we can see).

  • That is one in-depth theory, really makes ya think...

  • All I know is I ain't purchasing the next episodes until I get confirmation that telltale didn't pull another Carly on us

  • Your thread titles contains sort-of spoilers (by saying they 'might be alive' you're implying that they've died). Please try and avoid that in future.

  • When Bigby clarifies that her name WAS Faith, he's merely reiterating that Faith is dead. That she isn't "anything" anymore. That's what I got from that scene. Good theory all around though!

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