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Which Universe would you rather live in?

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Just curious, if you had to live in one universe, which universe would you rather live in, the walking dead or the wolf among us(as a mundy ofcourse)? Me personally would rather live in wolf among us because I would just hide some where safe, stick with other mundy's.

  • As a Mundy? TWAU, of course!, as for mundies it's basically our world, whereas TWD is our world + ton of crap ;P

  • But our world is much much safer than Fable universe.

    • Not really - remember that both comics and game takes place (mostly) in Fabletown, where Fables concentration is much higher than at your random place. And as long as you don't live in the very neighbourhood of Fabletown, you probably wouldn't come in contact with any Fable: too many humans, too little of Fables ;)

      Think of this as of natural disasters / crashing airplanes: both are very deadly, but the chance they'll hit you of all people are very small.

  • Since TWAU's mundy world is basically our own world with Fables, which in this scenario we would never see... it seems redundant.

    I'd still choose it over Kirkman's world in which I would end up dead within the first days or live long enough to regret not shooting myself when there was still hope. If I had to live in a zombie apocalypse, I'd like it to be World War Z's one. There we have somewhat of a chance not only as individual survivors, but also as a species.

    If I was a Fable, however...

  • I can't see how anybody would wanna live in the zombie apocalypse. TWAU for me.

    • Well... I could see why someone could choose zombie apocalypse over our world. It all defaults to where you'd be in the new world: if you'd be in the safe enclave and could've lord over fellow survivors a'la Oberson from TWD without fearing police's reprisal...

      Not saying it's healthy, but I can definitely believe someone's big enough power fetishist to accept such fate. (I think King's Under the Dome as I write it - Junior Rennie e.g. shouldn't feel so bad about it.)

  • i'd rather live in the walking deads universe. I wouldn't have to worry about what I have to do with my life or worry about how im going to find a house and pay bills and live a happy life. I would be miserable but so would everybody else, misery loves company :D

  •'re asking if I would rather live in a world where every day is a desperate, hopeless struggle against an encroaching horde of flesh-eating corpses, my family and friends are most likely dead or walkers, and the few scattered survivors have been driven to murderous extremes just to find enough food and shelter to survive...or a world where the Big Bad Wolf is a real guy?

    Tough one. Suggested next question: would you rather have testicular cancer or live in a world where fairies are real?

  • TWD because of the fact that zombies are dumb and also I would have access to almost any weapon in the world no matter where I would be, I would rather be in a zombie apocalypse than anything else.

  • The obvious choice would be the wolf among us. I don't have to worry about walkers trying to eat me. The only way I would be in the walking dead universe is if I got to meet up with Lee and Clementine...

  • TWD of course I'd love to get eaten by zombies. :D

  • I'd rather live in the real world so I can play TWaU and TWD

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