Screen going white after playing a while

After playing a while the screen first goes black and then comes back all white at (seems to be) random places. I've managed to get through bits of the game by using alt+F4 and restarting it but having to do that and restart at the same place gets tedious after a while :).

Followed the instructions of the support tool.

Hope it helps


  • DjNDBDjNDB Moderator

    You have two graphics chips. Intel chips don't work well with TTG's games and they might crash.
    Please check your graphics driver's settings to make sure the game always uses the Nvidia graphics chip, and doesn't dynamically switch between them.
    You can also try pressing Alt-Enter while the screen acts up to put the game into windowed mode. It might also help to set all graphics settings to low or high.

  • Didn't think about that one yet, worked like a charm so thanks a lot :)

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