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Vorpal Blade

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I'm quite new to "The Wolf Among Us" and haven't read any of the comics, only played Ep1. But even after a bit of research on the internet and all, I couldn't find any reference to this "Vorpal Blade" at all? What is special about it and do you think it will make an appearance in any of the later episodes... When they FINALLY come out?

  • The Vorpal Sword is from the "Jabberwocky" poem by Lewis Carroll. Basically, it can cut through anything (high-level enchantments included). It also makes the sound "snicker-snack" when it cuts through objects.

    I'm not sure if it will appear in the game or not though. It would make sense seeing as there seems to be an enchantment surrounding this whole "these lips are sealed" thing.

    • Cheers for the info! Sounds like a pretty awesome sword, in the right hands anyway! From what you've said I reckon it will make an appearance in the upcoming episode. There can't be many other weapons that would be especially sharp or with magic attached to it?

  • Is it possible it could be the murder weapon?

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