Confirmation succesful save import?


I just did a fresh Windows 7 re-install, after having some computer problems. I back-up some of my oh so important files like my season 1 saves. Put them back, and in season 1 everything seems to be in working order.

Of course I wanted to finally start season 2, but I´m not sure if it picks up my save correctly. In season 1 I seem to have 2 save slots, one with the season finished, and the second with 400 days included. When I start season 2 however, it only picks up one finished save slot, and I don´t see a mention of 400 days. I was just wondering if and where I see a confirmation of the imported episodes. I´m currently downloading 400 days again in case I need to replay it or if the save simply didn´t "finish".


Solved. In season 1 I selected the 2nd saveslot with 400 Days, chose continue, and "played" through the final part with Tavia again, and watched the credits. Back in season 2, it now shows up!


  • I didn´t want to bring this up immediately, after I started playing, but it didn´t work afterall.
    What I did when 400 days came out, was copy my saves from slot 1, to the 2nd, then play 400 days on that one. I can´t remember why I did that.

    When in season 2 I choose the slot with 400 days included though, my season 1 choices are randomised. I copied that slot, so they should be there..

    I´ll try replaying 400 days on the first slot, hope that helps.

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