Absolute Idiots

For Christmas I was given a retail copy of The Walking Dead, which contians all five season one episodes. After playing through the game I looked under Download content and all I see is that I seem to have all the episodes installed.

I would have had no idea that there was a 400 days release or episode 2 even available. What kind of retarded marketing do you call this?

I liked the game so i went online and found out about the extras that are apparently already available.
I buy the code off amazon for 400 days. Think I can use that code, get real that might make sense.
I have to install steam to use it. Ok, so I install stean as requested no problems I plug the code in and steam informs me I need a verified copy of the Original game to use the expansio code. I plug the exe location into styeam guess what??? It will not verifiy the copy I have installed directly from your own disc. Oh nice try to contact steam to resolve but wait have to jump through more hoops to verify my browser to steam so I can verifiy I me again??? Several hours later I get logged into steam website and follow the adive they give to verify the game. Guess what doesn't work. Now I have to get Amazon to call me at home to try and help me. Guess what they are perplexed too apparantly the only way to use their key is to downlaod the game trough Steam First, Way to go Telltale thanks a ton.
So 5 hours later I have to get a refund for a stupid $1.24 code that I have had to spend too much time just to find out it doesnt work.

What is wrong with you at telltale DON'T YOU WANT PEOPLE TO PLAY YOUR GAMES???
For Gods sake any other game woulda prolly had billboards in the game itself telling you to buy the extras online( maybe with a link even)

I really want to play the 400 days and season 2 episodes but when i look on support here I see some crazy registry tricks and god knows what else including suspicious Bat files I might be asked to run. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??

Great business model you have there!!!

You should pay me to play further epsiodes of this game if this is what I have to go through.

Thanks for nothing.


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    I apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced, please contact/email our Support Staff at Support@Telltalegames.com for further assistance with your particular issue.

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