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Sarah Protecting herself?

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If there ever came a time where Sarah was not with Carlos, and not in a room so that she'd be "shielded" from the walkers, and she would have to kill a walker herself, with no one to do it for her, how would YOU see that happening? Any thoughts?

I imagine, like, Clementine is in one side of a gate and Sarah is in the other side, and there is a walker coming after Sarah from the shadows, and Clementine would coach her into protecting herself and how to destroy its brain. And then once she pulls off her first kill, (and maybe even after a little vomiting) they regroup and go off to find their friends. I'm also thinking it would happen in Episode 3.

  • I would see it as Sarah is fucking done for...

  • Sarah is like how Clem was in season 1. Clem was helpless and couldn't take care of a walker until someone taught her how. Sarah is basically useless and a liability until she learns how to take care of herself and learns how to use a gun. The only problem... is Carlos

    • Except Clementine had an idea of what the world became and managed on her own for a while already, "she survived on her own for days". That implies at least making a few runs to her house to get food/water, I seriously don't think Sarah can do something like that at the moment.

      • Sarah has to have some idea of what the world is. With random people staying in the house, gun shots, personality changes of anyone knows, and also the peculiar lack of a mother, she would have a rough idea of what has happened. Maybe not how bad it is, but at least an outline. Also it says she was in her tree house for 3 days, so that doesn't mean she would need to go to her house. (Especially considering I always had snacks in my treehouse.) But for the most part I agree with you, Sarah is useless.

        • Considering what we saw of her personality maybe Carlos made up some huge lie to keep her as uninvolved with the current world as possible. But yeah I probably exaggerated a bit, she most certainly knows there's something fishy going on but If the first interaction we see between her and a walker in S2 is something like "What the hell are those guys ?" I'll honestly not be too surprised.

          Treehouses sound awesome, wish I could've built one when I was younger ... :D

  • To be honest I doubt Sarah even knows what a walker is. If she met one she'd probably be like "Hey dude, is it Halloween yet ? Friends ?"

    I could see her personality evolve depending on your actions though, maybe slowly make her aware of the state of the world enticing Carlos' hate in the process or the opposite. I wonder how all of this will pan out, it's one of things I'm eager to see in the rest of the Season !

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    I would say humm umm, OH that's it, Yeah shes fucked.

  • I think Sarah will become an important character later. I can see Clem teaching her how to protect herself just like the way Lee taught her. Like teach her how to fire a gun and The choice you made from season 1 will carry over for example, "hold the gun steady, deep breath" or whatever the choices were. Either that or she will die early on because yes, she's clueless about what the world is really like

  • I think sarah is at more of a disadvantage than clem or duck as she wouldnt think to run away even

  • i think they can takes this a lot of ways two i think might be the most chance of hapening soon are , the group get overuned when trying to go to wherever the are going and as the group a fighting the walkers carlos tells her to stay back and just when its nearly over awalker sneaks up on her and because she disint know what to doit kills her then Carlos feels a massive weight of guilt because he shelted her for to long and then whatever happens from there or during the walker fight carlos falls with a walker about to bite him or sumthin and sarha shouts on the others to help him cause she dosent know what to do but of course he dies so she asks clem to teach how to kill them so she can make sure what happened with her dad does not happen agian

    • Your story confused me because of the grammar, good theory, we'll probably have to choose between Nick/Luke and Sarah in EP2/3

      Sorry Nick/Luke, i'm saving Sarah, just like Ben I must protect our Teens, Kids are closest to adulthood, worth more.

  • If she isn't clearly and obviously dead by the end of this season I will be VERY surprised.

  • it would be cool to have a scene where Clem is able to teach Sarah some survival lessons but I really can't see her surviving in a zombie fight or until the end of the series. In a situation where she is alone against a walker, she would very probably die without help. If she is forced to fend for herself or separated from the group she has no chance.

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