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    Ellias BANNED

    Then you`ll be missing out. :)

  • Dude, spoilers!


    ...please avoid placing spoilers in thread titles.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    How can you know whether there's a magic spell behind this if you don't buy all the episodes until number five? ;)

  • Must... remain... within... guidelines with this OP.

    Carlysglock, might I suggest that you direct thine own chronological availability towards some more constructive goals such as not obsessing over clouds of 1s and 0s ceasing to function in an illusion of life that happen to represent those of the XX chromosomal persuasion within the Homo genus of the mammalian pool?

    Telltale's interactive, narrative driven audio-visual-kinesthetic experiences are not meant to be simulators of romance and as such one should not treat them as if BioWare was the developer and one was able to seduce and later coppulate with a chosen ''waifu''. They have limited funds and limited staff when compared to the likes of a triple A developer like BioWare (they also have the backing of EA which helps), so I would beg you to calm your hormonal glands and, to use a scientific term, not freak out.

  • This game is official prequel to the comic series and comic series stars the Snow White. Therefore, whatever Telltale aims to do (whether they're going time travel Bigby to before at the end, reveal Snow's head as fake or just let her return like nigh-invulnerable Fables do) Snow White must have possibility to be around some time after Video Game ends.

    So, if OP's worried about Snow's life (as she can be his favourite character or whatever), he can breathe a sigh of relief. That doesn't mean she's going to be around whole game, though. And if he just wants to see Snow White make out with Bigby Wolf, I'd suggest OP to grab comics instead of playing TWAU. Quite a few people would certainly bitch quite a lot if that would be a case. (See the This is not BioWare post just above).

    (Not to mention game's status as prequel to the comics means that it cannot go to far in estabilishing their relationship.)

  • Snow comes back because of the fact that her story is really famous and well told.

    As long as you're remembered you live, pretty much.

    • Exactly. Remember that Lawrence took a bottle of sleeping pills and shot himself in the heart, and can survive for a week afterwards without food, water, or medical attention. Now consider how well-known "the husband from 'Donkey Skin'" is, compared to "Snow White", and you'll get an idea of how much harder Snow is to kill.

  • Well... I kinda really want to say some mean things, OP. Telltale can continue to make whoever they want dead, dead. If you want simulated romance, go play a dating sim. If you want a good story, stay here.

  • If a character's death gets this much a reaction out of you, isn't it a sign the author/developer has done something right? That being said, I'm relieved that she'll be coming back in some form (unless TWAU is an alternate universe).

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