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What if kenny survives whole season 2 ? If something happens to clementine he could be the main hero of season 3


  • what if u just play as him with clem with u or even lilly or molly as the protagonist

  • Now that would be kick-ass. A mullet-sporting, moustachiod redneck from Florida for season 3's protagonist!

  • I like Kenny but why are threads about him so stupid?

  • I was about to make a comment about the intelligence of his fanbase, but I realized I don't really need a million dislikes.

  • What if I had never let you go? Would you still be the Kenny I used to know? What if this,what if that, if only we could save your stache but I guess.....We'll never know....... (until episode 2 hopefully)

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  • No I really dont want to play as Kenny, he's too controversial a character to be the PC (he's loved to a point of insanity by some people and hatred to a point of insanity by some people), not to mention his personality is extreme and certain hoices wouldnt work with him.

  • Kenny isn't the greatest character. He's dead get over it

  • I suggest you wait till episode 2 before making those statements because who knows

  • Ha your funny, Kenny isn't a good enough character to become the hero

  • Well, I am a Kenny fan, but only a character everyone really loves can be the protagonist. Kenny just doesn't fit the bill. He has his role, he's a good character, but I don't see him becoming the main character of any season.

  • Yes that wouldn't at all completely alienate a large portion of Telltale's audience.

    Kenny is coming back next episode. He will not, however, become the main character.


  • ._.




  • Go back to Vvardenfell, Vivec! And in answer to your question, it won't happen. Lee always had more responsibility in searching and making decisions. Transferring that responsibility to Kenny would just be awkward. And besides, the story in season 1 was centred around Clem and Lee. That is why she is now the protagonist. I liked Kenny, but he's simply not important enough for protagonist status.

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