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Go back and play Clementine in....

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...the most bad ass way. Seriously, create a new file and play her as cold and bad ass as possible. I seriously can't believe some of the stuff that comes out of her mouth... It's... Awesome.

  • Can you tell me some things she says please?

  • I find it hard to believe there are people who didn't try this. And since we have 4 more episodes ahead of us, i think it's safe to say we'll have our hands full with these kind of moments.

  • That's what I'm doing for my primary playthrough. I figure that her experiences with Lee hardened her to the point that she can justify the most selfish actions possible with "he wanted me to survive no matter what". So I'm having her keep all resources to herself and lie, cheat, threaten and steal whenever possible. It makes sense (to me) for her character and makes things pretty fun. I'm really glad that they even made this an option, rather than having her act exactly the same way as she does in series 1 all the time.

    • I play the game the way I would make choices in real life... Then the other playthroughs are just plain fun.

      • I used to do that, but then I found myself just taking every single 'paragon' option (because it's usually that binary) in every single game. So now I do whatever I think would make an interesting arc for the character. For example, my Lee because slowly and subtly hostile to anyone who threatened to get between him and Clem, which reached an interesting peak for him because of what happens at the end of episode 4. I find playing that way far more fun now.

        • WOW you sound stupid, play it how you want to. not trying to use these external factors you influence your decision. Every option isn't the "correct" option its the way you saw it instead of trying to shake things up abit

  • I find it hard to believe there are people who didn't try this

    I didn't try this because I don't like a cold, arrogant, Clementine, just simple as that.

    My Clementine is a good kid who tries her best to be strong to survive but is still vulnerable and sensitive. She won't let people bully her, but she is not going to be a bully herself.

    If she really has such funny lines, I will watch it on a youtube walkthrough, but I'm not going to play this way.

  • You know what is a lot simpler?

    Watching youtube video of someone doing it. That ruins the replay value for me.

  • Yep, I did this too. It's awesome to hear what she says!

  • i tried to be nice as clementine but i could not help asking ("whose baby is it?").

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