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  • obvious candidate looks like Sarah since she's even more naive than Season 1 Clem. I don't think that there will be a moral compass this season because it might seem like TellTale were just reusing a trick. Clementine was an effective compass because she was a little innocent girl who didn't know her parents had died, and was made to look like the best of humanity. All of this made most players care for her and by extension her opinion. So far there isn't a character who has the sufficient appeal and personality to act as the moral compass in my opinion, although there may be characters like Luke who will try to influence your decision-making, just not as strong as Clem

  • Lee could be her moral compass. She'd think about whether or not he'd approve of her decisions or she'd make decisions based on what she learned from Lee.

  • My Clementine follows the example of Lee. I think I played her kind and good hearted so far. But she's not that little kid anymore you know, she's a survivor now, hardened to make tough decisions when she have to (putting the poor dog out of its misery for example). That's what Lee taught her, I think. So, Luke seems like a decent guy, it's still too soon to say anything maybe, but so far I think his personality seems to be similar to Lee's (according to the way I played him back in S1).

  • Forget moral compass, I'd like to see how players do without an obvious one. If they have their own (like Lee) that's cool, but when you don't have one as obvious as Clem was in the first season, well, things could get interesting.

  • Personally, I think so far there is no moral compass. My idea is that during Season 2, Lee's words from Season 1 will resonate through Clem for a while. This is displayed when she quotes Lee multiple times in the dog scene. Maybe when Clem has to make a big descion and picks the "wrong" or "evil" Clem will remember what Lee told her what to do and not do.

    Or maybe if Kenny shows up and sees how much Clem has changed (for better or worse) he'll remind you of what Clem was like in Season 1, and make you think twice!

    So basically, Lee's "ghost" or essence and Kenny (if he appears)

    • You're kidding, right?

      Kenny? A moral compass? Kenny? The guy who thinks skullfucking with a salt lick is the go-to way to deal with situations?

      If anything it'll be reversed -- Kenny will be your moral compass by being that little devil on your shoulder leading you to damnation.

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        So letting Clementine being eaten by a 6'3" zombie is more moral than getting rid of a potential risk? There's no hospital close-by and as far as I know there were no medical supplies or chains in the room to treat Larry with. To be honest I'd to exactly the same thing and drop the salt lick on Larry's head. This guy tried to kill me (Lee) for god's sake.

        • Exactly.. Killing Larry and both St.John brothers were difficult to do in front of Clem but it was done for the protection of us all and Clem needed to learn and realize, this world is no longer nice and safe.. It's terrifying, unfair and harsh. These are thing's she needs to know in order to survive.

  • I kinda have to agree. Other than the small incident of dropping Clem, Luke has basically been a saint. Pete's not going to be the moral compas because he's dead in about 50% of games.

  • I don't know if I really saw Clementine as a moral compass, even if she spoke up frequently on big decisions that were arguably wrong (stealing from the station wagon, abandoning Ben, etc). I always felt she was more of a means of showing you how much being selfish or unwilling to try and work things out could screw people over in the end; and what better person to show these effects n than an innocent little girl? I think what made a darker Lee playthrough difficult was really having to turn down and upset Clementine so much, but maybe that was because I always gravitated towards the more "morally right" decisions on my own.

    In terms of who will fill that sort of role, though, I'd have to guess Sarah. Her father already tells you she doesn't really understand the gravity of the situation everyone's in and is different from other kids. If not her, then possibly Luke.

  • While I don't want Clem to become totally heartless, I sure as hell don't want her to worry about moral's and have her hesitate when she should act to defend herself.

    Anyone should react instinctively to defend themselves and not worry how they'll be seen by others. Zombie's and bandit's don't care how good or bad you are, they just want your flesh or supplies.. You can fight all you want to remain as morally good as you like, but in the end, I believe that would be a mistake that cost's you your life.

    I play my Clem as I played my Lee.. Survive.. Period!!

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