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  • Larry is the obvious win! He's got charm coming out if his ass.

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    UndeadEuan BANNED

    Larry easily.

  • What kind of a versus exactly? Like a hand-to-hand versus combat?

  • When you think about it for that couple of seconds, Rick has a gun. Haven't seen Larry with one.

    • We didn't even see him fight! I don't why the OP said he's a strong hand to hand combatant, maybe in his youth. And no,the sucker punch that he gave Lee in the drugstore doesn't count. Rick wins.

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      • Lee was an average size, fairly athletic guy, Larry knocked him out flat in single punch. Even Lee admitted that if I remember right. On the other hand, I remember Rick vs Tyreese in comics, which Tyreese beat him up pretty good, Rick managed to fight back. Well, until he eventually passed out. But note that Larry had a heart condition. So .. I don't know, it's a tough one.

        • I'm sorry if i'm coming a little bit skeptical here, but i just find it hard to imagine an old man with a known hearth condition can take on Rick,whatever the case may be! Sure, he does pack one hell of a punch, but does he have the speed to land it? And Rick's fight with Tyreese backs my statement even more. I think there is no point in talking about guns,right? Since Larry is featless on that part.

          • Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Larry would win just like that. We never saw him fight except that puching scene. And looking at the updated OP, Rick is listed with his one-handed version. So that's big disadvantage on his side. So, I think if Rick could survive the first big punch on the face, he would eventually get the upper hand. Heh this would easier if it was just Larry vs Salt Lick.

  • Rick - because shit happens (followed by a machete to the face)

  • In a fist fight definitely Larry especially since comic Rick only has one hand.Think he'd beat the tv show rick aswell as long as he doesnt get a heart attack, I mean the tv show Rick got the shit beat out of him by the governor and I think Larry can take the governor in a fight

    • Fight begins

    • Larry has a heart attack

    • Rick wins.

  • Larry was in the Army so I would say that he has a good aim. As Mark says he's a pile driver, big build and can probably take a few hits. Larry wins easily because despite any advantage Rick has, Larry has charm coming out of his ass!

  • You didn't even ask a reasonable question. Who do you think will win? Win at what Basketball? Golf? Racing? or you mean fighting? some of the things you listed don't even make sense like rick being a capable leader? how does that help at all + him being a good shot becuz if rick has a gun then il take rick all day. On Larry's side what does him being short tempered have to do with anything and salt licks....Whaaaaat......

  • Not just Lee, but Larry could K.O punch Kenny as well. And right after being punched and barely moved by Kenny's punch(which hurts lee a lot more at the train)

    So yeah, like most people said, If Larry and Rick got into a fist fight. No weapons. Larry would win even if Rick still had both hands.

    That said though, if they were instead put in gun fight. I'd say Rick would win. Larry might still be good aim due to military. But Rick's been almost exceptional on the comics with the hand gun, even after arm loss. And zombie apocalypse survivor Larry strikes me more as a melee weapon user(axe,hammer or whichever), meaning less zombie Apocalypse gun shooting experience for him. Meaning a good advantage for Rick in a gun fight.

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