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Vote for Episode Change Rollouts!

posted by mikechristy on - Viewed by 759 users

Personally, and I think most of you would agree, that when a NEW game comes out, the purchaser expects to get the whole game and not bits and pieces of it for an entire year. Come on! This isn't "Breaking Bad" for goodness sake.

Tell Tale games make great games, I am totally in with that and love playing the Walking Dead and of course The Wolf Among Us. But how many of you would enjoy PC games or other platforms to start breaking up their games in order to create a sense of excitement about a 1, possible 2 hour episode than wait 2 months or more to find out what's next.

Is it that this company has such a very small budget and staff they cannot afford to wait to release a FULL game because of the time it would take to complete as ALL the other video games out there.

I put to you, that as players we need to let this company know that this is not acceptable. I think most of us would gladly love to play the entire game from beginning to end in a whole day or half a day, whatever than play the way they have us now. I am not trying to bash Tell Tale games because of this policy they think is the "cats meow," but if you agree with me lets tell them so.

What do you say brothers?

  • it isn't breaking bad, but its breaking bread, but im fine with the episodes, as long as it dont take a little more than a month to release.

  • The only change I wish for is that the rollout is more consistent...still waiting for Ep. 2 of TWAU...almost three months later.

  • Telltale isn't going to change the episodic formula and I'm okay with that. I only wish it was "Monthly" like it was suppose to be when TWD season 1 first came out. 1 month compared to 2 or 3 make a huge difference in peoples opinion on episodic gaming.

  • I doubt they will deter from using an episodic format. I enjoy a short time (emphasis on short)in between episodes so we can have some time to reflect, review, and discuss the episodes. A one or one-and-a-half month wait is enough for excitement to build. A three month plus wait just causes people to concoct crazy theories out of boredom and makes everyone impatient. i think it is especially bad that the wait is for the second episode. We only just started and some people may not be totally invested in it. If it were for the fourth episode, they could keep those customers because they will have invested more than two hours into it and may not give it up so easily.

  • I think episodic is a better choice for hype. However, I'm sure many of us are still waiting for Twau episode 2 to release. Episodic is good but people lose the hype if they wait too long in my opinion. Perhaps soon Telltale? :D

  • I'm fine with the episodic format, I even like it ! ...but the wait shouldn't exceed one month and a half.

    This time with over 3 months it's just insane.

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