• I dunno, seems like a pretty big cliffhanger just for Christa...

    • What if that part is at the end of chapter 2 and they lose someone of the group on the beginning of chapter 2.. we never know.. everybody just speculates it will start with that or something?

  • Maybe Christa but honestly if shes not dead if you dont save her then that is unbelievable.... Kenny has a slim chance but Christa is stabbed in the leg and is against two on one.

  • I think we'll be seeing Christa again, or at least finding out what happened to her, but not for awhile. With the way the encounter with the Dying Bandit at the sandbar went, I'm guessing that Christa's fate will be something we will try to uncover throughout the Season, or at least for more than just two Episodes. That's why I think it's either Lilly or Kenny that's showing up next.

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