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What picture do you have for the Amid the Ruins slide?

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So I have 3 questions that I hope people can stay on topic about (otherwise this will just feel like a rip off of the thread Amid the Ruins slide) and they are
1. do you have the pic of vince or "Kenny"?
2. is clem wiping the blood vertically or horizontally?
3. what system are you playing on? Im trying to bust a myth here (eww) and wonder if it changes depending on your system. Me, im playing on a 360 have the horizontal blood lines and the vince shadow. ok guys try to keep on subject so I can try to bust this myth.

  • Playing on Xbox, have the vince silohette and clems blood is horizontal

  • Myth has already been busted, man. I'll just post what I did in another thread:
    Just bought another copy of season two on my PS3. I had the same choices as I did on my Mac save. What I can conclude:

    US PS3 Result: Clem facing left, old hairstyle, Vince silhouette

    EU PS3 Result: Clem facing downwards, new hairstyle, Vince silhouette

    PC/Mac Result: Clem facing downwards, new hairstyle, Kenny (?) silhouette

    • well this way we can just go here for this specifically. I want to see the one where she's facing left, that's the only one I haven't seen yet. I wonder what was the point in this if there was one? its a let down that the only thing that changes it is what your playing on and where you live but, no offense your just one person so im not saying I don't believe you it would just help if others had examples. But thanks for the info this helps, im US 360 user... does your region/system change the blood as well? ive played so many times im not sure if my files are opposite anymore.

  • Glad I have the Vince silhouette since he was my favorite 400 days character and after the big fu telltale gave me with nick im done getting hopes up for Kenny so that silhouette can suck it, not that it matters now that its just a system/region change.

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