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Please tell me that this game will be released on the Wii as well! Or at least WiiWare! Telltale Games are so perfect for the Wii! (or so I assume as StrongBad's Cool Game for Attractive People STILL hasn't been released...)
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  • It will probably be out on PC first. How many floppy drives will each episode be on?

  • Peasant's Quest was 12, so.....this game is going to have to be like....50.
  • Xbox 360 has a new 200 MB limit. Maybe they should release Sam and Max and SBCG4AP in xbox and playstation network.
  • many websites are speculating that it will come to wii or wiiware because of sam and max and strongs bands... are coming to those platforms

    please say it is coming to wiiware that would be awsome.

    i hope it does not come to wii, as that means i will have to wait until the season finishes until the games comes out, which means i will have to buy it on pc.

    release it on wiiware, and you will for me make this announcement even better,
  • Have you tried playing a demo of Sam and Max on your computer? The system requirements for Telltale's games are very low, and I've found that many people ho though their computers couldn't play games can play Sam and Max.

    I highly doubt that Wallace and Grommit will get onto Wiiware. A lot of what makes Strong Bad fit on Wiiware is the low polygon count of the graphics style. At least, I think it is, I'm not a computer magician so I can only go off quotes. The Telltale guys said there were a lot of tricks to it, so I can't be QUITE sure.
  • Wallace and Gromit Heading to Wiiware Found that link while looking for something completely irrelevant. Also this page claims that it's going to be available on PC first...

    Did I miss any announcements from Telltale, or is this just more published speculation?
  • But if the secret Wii game isn't Wallace and Gromit, what is it?!?!?
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    Will BANNED
    "We're still deciding on platforms. Ultimately, we want to have our games on all of the consoles.

    When we have news about platforms for Wallace & Gromit, we'll let you guys know!"
  • A hyperactive, autistic goldfish swimming in sugar water would have a better attention span than some people around here. =p
  • Rather Dashing;76683 said:
    A hyperactive, autistic goldfish swimming in sugar water would have a better attention span than some people around here. =p
    That's not really fair. As far as I can tell, it's not the same people asking the same question- it's the same question being asked by many many people who didn't see any of the other 50 times it's been answered.
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