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So if we're taking things from Borderlands...

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So the point of these Telltale games is putting Telltale's charm and adventure game point and click style with elements from the series the game is based on, so on that note...Will the borderlands game have co-op? I know, I know, it's a ridiculous request but co-op is something that is massive to the Borderlands series! I mean imagine how amazing that idea would be for the game, you and a buddy making choices affecting dialogue and how scenarios play out, depending on what one party does a scene can go an entirely different way.
I know what I'm asking for is a lot, and I highly doubt it will happen, don't get me wrong, I'm still interested and would pick it up regardless. But I do think this is the kinda feature that would make the game feel more true to the series, and more importantly, show that each Telltale game and something cool and exclusive too it.
P.S please don't kill me commenters, a lad can dream right?

  • I doubt it'll happen either, but I think it's a fascinating idea that someone should try. I believe Brian Moriaty's original version of The Dig was being designed as a co-op. Multiplayer in a traditional adventure game seems inherently problematic, but maybe there's potential to make it work with the more streamlined design Telltale is currently using.

  • I love the idea. Playing the game in a co-op way, would always ensure that you would see different outcomes, since you can't influence the decisions your partner(s) make. The main problem with this is the fact that it will be an episodic game. You and your friend(s) will have to wait a long time between episodes and if your friend(s) lose interest before you, the adventure ends before it even reached it's climax. People will either wait until all episodes are finished or will have to be extremely patient. Would probably be also complicated to handle everyone's save-files. Like, what to do if one were to lose theirs?

    It's probably very unlikely that TT goes for a co-op story, because of that, though it would definitely be an interesting concept.

  • Why do people keep suggesting this?

    This is worse than people speculating that Clem is talking to Christa's Aborted/dead baby in the S2 teaser

    • Well, I can't speak for anyone else, but as I stated above, I just think it would be interesting to see someone try. Maybe I wouldn't even like the resulting game. I'm not that into multiplayer games. But I love adventure games and I like seeing people experiment with the conventions of the genre. Sorry you think that's dumber than a chat with a dead baby.

      • Its just silly to think about games that telltale makes in co-op form I don't know why people still suggest it

        • Silly or not, thinking about things that haven't been done is a worthwhile endeavor. This is how we evolve, my friend. If not for experimentation with formula, we wouldn't have TWD and TWAU.

        • Because co-op is such an important feature from Borderlands. I'm not expecting it nor do I demand it, I just think it would be a good thing to put in there. Not 4 players of course, but I think 2 players would be manageable. Imagine this, you and a buddy play through the first episode and then the hosts game is saved meaning that the co-op partner's choices are also saved on that file, so when the next episode happens, the host can start up episode 2 and then invite the partner in and then they join in the game and continue playing their character.

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