Is the Killer the real enemy?

Afternoon, Telltale forums. It seems to me that there's a lot of fingers being pointed at "Whoever the killer is," for the final boss fight and such, but I've been thinking. Is the Killer the real enemy? I feel like it's hard to build 5 episodes of a series trying to solve one crime. Besides that, I feel it's impossible for one man (or woman) to pull off so many murders and get away with it all by himself. I think the (supposed) murders of Faith and Snow are part of something much larger - a larger plan. What are you expecting in the coming episodes?


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    He/she/it "killed" Snow, that is enough to make a person my enemy!

  • The Mentalist did fine with one antagonist for over 6 season.

    It think it should be fine.

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    I hope the real killer is the Wolf himself, or rather - his other personality, the one that was running rampant in all those fairy tales when he ate people on breakfast. Of corse the "good" personality of Wolf have no idea

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