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Error Code 5-11

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Purchased Bone: The Great Cow Race for 3 reasons A: Looked FANTASTIC 2: I want Sam n Max so thought I'd try something else out to see what it might "look" like and D: Point n Click Adventures are one thing since the expulsion of DOS, that I sorely miss!

Unfortunately, I can get no further than the demo version after a password reset, and activation support. All I get is a couple of tmp files trying to install and then the game goes straight into the DEMO mode.

I did get a longer unlock code from support, but have no idea whewre i would place this???
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    Are you seeing the "reminder" screen telling you that you can buy the full game for $12.99? That's where you enter the unlock code that support gave you. Click Activation Support at the bottom left of the window, and it will give you a space to enter that code.
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