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THE Kenny Speculation Thread (Inevitable Spoilers Within)

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Anyway. In response to the sheer number of threads all about Kenny, we've decided that the best way to cut back on them is to have one, and ONLY one, thread dedicated to the man with the mullet they call Kenny.

And here it is. Ta-da!

Doesn't matter what it is - theories about how Kenny survived, general 'Kenny is awesome' posts, whatever. If it's about Kenny, you put it here, not in its own thread.


Please try to stay on topic, and keep discussion related to Kenny Speculation instead of memes. Thanks.

Mod Edit: New Kenny Thread can be found here.

  • Kenny is a fair weather friend.

    • I'm surprised so many people on the Kenny support thread liked this comment...

      That leads me to believe that they aren't certain what a fair weather friend is. It's basically a friend who is only nice to you when circumstances are pleasant or profitable towards them. It means you are fickle.

      I don't think that many people on this forum would like Kenny to be described as fickle, so I really don't know why they all seem to have liked that comment. Oh well, colour me surprised.

      • Give me an example of a person in season 1 who isn't fickle though, I can't think of anyone who is blindingly loyal to you

        • Ok: I can't think of a time when Carley, Doug, Katjaa, Shawn, Duck or Glenn betray you, for example.

          Regardless of that, I'm surprised that people would thumbs up that comment, as it states he Kenny fickle.

          Just to clarify, I don't think Kenny is fickle. I just don't think that all the people who voted the fair weather friend comment up knew what they were actually saying by doing so.

          So, I am going to do an experiment. On the last page of this thread, I shall post a comment saying 'Kenny is fickle.' and see how many upvotes and downvotes it receives. I will then compare that result with the first comment on this page, having directed the people who angrily reply to the comment to this one. Thus we will be able to ascertain roughly how many people misunderstood what a 'fair weather friend' is.

          • I agree Kenny is a fair weather friend but like I said I think nearly everyone in season 1 is fickle, well Except Carley seemed to always have your back, but Katjaa pretty much go along with what Kenny decides, Ducks a kid, you only know Shawn and Glenn a day so I wouldn't count them. I don't think Kenny ever betrays you though not that I can see, I didn't get the bro speech off him or anything because I saved Larry and was with Lily for staying at the motor Inn, then fought him on the train and saved Ben but still count him as a friend. Like my Lee said "He was what counts for a friend nowadays".

          • That's a logical point. Kenny doesn't aid you in multiple conflicts if you don't help him kill Larry.

      • I'm not too surprised by the number of upvotes. It think there are a fair number of people on here who either don't care very much for Kenny or do but acknowledge how easily Kenny can turn on you if you don't support him is the exact right way. I am surprised at the relatively low number of downvotes, though, but I guess a lot of staunch Kenny fanatics might have just brushed this comment off.

        "Fair weather friend" may be a bit of simplistic, since the guy does have a sense of duty and loyalty, but those are still VERY largely dependent on circumstances. Kenny's nature is basically "Will die for you if he gets what he wants from your friendship with him, will leave you for the walkers if you rub him the wrong way." He might not seem that fickle over the course of a single playthrough, but if we compare his behavior across multiple ones, it becomes clear that it takes very little for him to turn from a cool bro to a complete douche.

        • I'm not sure the number of people upvoting the comment was to be expected on the Kenny support thread, however :p

          Almost all people posting here are saying positive things. Furthermore, whenever someone says a negative thing, they get downvoted to an absurd degree.

          Most people just saw the word 'friend' and hit the like button.

          • Well, officially speaking, this is just the Kenny thread. Anyone who has strong feelings towards Kenny of any kind, be they negative or positive, will flock to this thread. But yeah, the vast majority will be positive.

            I think when someone says purely negative things about Kenny, they get downvoted to an absurd degree. My comments about Kenny have largely leaned towards the negative side but there's always a bit of ambivalence in what I post.

            I don't know if people necessarily misunderstood what I meant by "fair weather friend," although it is certainly possible. Or it might just be because it has a slightly more of a positive connotation to it than "fickle."

            Or people just think I'm a cool guy. That too is a possibility.

    • Don't know. It all depends on what you do in the meat locker... I'm sorry, but I would never let Larry die. Even though he's a bum to you the whole time, I don't think he deserves to die. Plus, he keeps dropping you. I wouldn't blame him the first time, for he was shot and had a new wound. But the second time in Savannah, he drops you and there's walkers all around you. Also, if you don't help him in the meat locker, he doesn't help you with the door when it collapses on you. Lilly, I wouldn't blame her for not helping you if you murder her dad. However, she still vaguely trusts you in episode 3, after what she cares about most is gone. You have to be on Kenny's side all the way for him to trust you... but I feel that Lilly wouldn't abandon you at crucial times.

      • Whether or not he deserves to die doesn't really matter in that situation. The guy had a major heart attack, he wasn't breathing, there was no chance of medical help arriving, and if he ends up turning, everyone in the room was very likely going to die. Kenny made the right call. It might have been a little hasty, but trying to revive Larry would risk too much on a very, very long shot.

        I don't blame Kenny for dropping me either times. Bullet wounds take a while to heal and there's no way either of those was in any way intentional. Fuck him for not helping when the door collapsed on me though.

        Lilly doesn't really trust you in Episode 3, she just uses you to do her investigation for her because everyone else trusts you. And she does abandon you at a crucial time. When she takes the RV and drives off, she had no idea that you would have gotten the train running. As far as she knew, she left you and everyone else stranded in the middle of the woods with nowhere to go.

  • Kenny's stache is godlike.

  • Alt text

    Obligatory at this point.

  • At last. Have fun on this thread, guys.

  • And even with this people are still going to make more Kenny threads. sigh

  • At last a megathread (hopefully) for Kenny.

  • Maybe this should be sticky-ed, so people know to post here instead of making a new thread.

  • As great as an idea this is, it's going to fix dick. Kenny lovers will continue to post their "new" findings in "new" threads, and this thread will be lost in history.

  • Welp I haven't been opening every Kenny thread since I figured most of them were the same and at least it's all collected into one post now... though I feel like people will still make their own threads...

    And it looks like I missed out on a lot of drama (drat!) happening, is there an entire miniature war going on?

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  • If it is Kenny im gonna jump on my desk and start doing the Chandler Bing dance

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