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Transfer save files from Mac to PC

posted by mycoalclawsin on - Viewed by 880 users

Is it even possible? The cloud has 18 mb but my pc does not find anything. Ive explored the contents of my walking dead app and found this - When i show contents of my TheWalkingDead app i get one folder "contents" and one file "installscript_osx.vdf". Opening the contents folder gives me three folders "codesignature" which has the file CodeResources, "Frameworks" which has a bunch of .dylib and .framework files, "MacOS" which containts the file WalkingDead101, and "Resources" which contains gameapp.icns, a languages folder, and a Pack folder which contains a bunch of files for each season. The contents folder also contains three files "coderesources" "info.plist" and"Pkginfo". Which would be my save? Where do i put it on the PC? Thanks for any help.

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    You may be able to get them to work, I would try to match the game's file directories for saves. Unfortunately, we do not officially support the importing of files between platforms. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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