• Kenny says that if you left him in the attic with the zombie child in the beginning of episode 4. Lee says something like, "I'll uh...see you when you're done." Kenny repeats the line to Lee in the bell tower because you left him alone with his thoughts of the boy (and concurrently Duck) in the attic.

    • Ah, thanks for filling me in. That's a nice touch to have Kenny jab back at you for not being there for him in the attic. My first thought was that he said that line in regards to Ben and meant it more as a confirmation like, "you know what to do Lee."

    • Nope, I let him kill Fivel but he just looked at me and said nothing.

      But he said it during my "Kenny playthrough" when I sided with him in every single situation. I think he said it because he was really sure that I would let him drop, so I guess DrPudding is right.

      Letting him kill Fivel is the best option imo, because the system message will say "You helped Kenny".

  • Mine didint say anything he just looked at him sadly and left

  • Wow... Dick, have the balls to kill Ben yourself if you want him dead. I understand Kenny's hate for Ben but this scene with that look (even without the phrase) was shit.

    • Kenny was just doing what Lee did to him earlier in the episode(determinant)

      • No I mean he looks at you and nods to drop ben regardless of choice. I'm just saying Kenny really is a dick in this scene

        • Why? The kind effectively got his wife and kid killed and several other members of the group. He endangered Clementine and almost killed everyone in Crawford. I didn't drop Ben but you can't blame the man for wanting you to drop him.

          • No I can't blame him but still Ben did it indirectly and I'm sorry but do people think Ben actually deserves to be dropped several stories, break both his legs and get eaten alive. Thats pretty fucked up.

            Its more the fact Kenny just nods for Lee to do it, he then berates him later if he dosnt. You cant deny hes pretty cold in this scene (i know he has his reasons but it seems harsh)

            • If I were in Kenny's shoes I would want Ben killed in any way possible, Kenny's family was the only thing keeping him going in the apocalypse and Ben took that away from him, lied to his face several times and also got other members killed. I think in some ways yes, he did deserve to be dropped. Although he was just a kid trying his best and I can see that, I don't think he deserved what he got but from the eyes of Kenny or any man that lost his family to Ben's actions I don't think it's cold I think he should have every right to kill him for what he had done accidental or otherwise.

              • well okay I respect your opinion, i guess everyone sees it differently, I hated Ben for what he did to be sure but not enough to kill him, he never intended any of it

                • I agree that he didn't deserve to die for what he did and it wasn't intentional and he was looking out for the group but I'm just trying to see things from Kenny's point of view is all.

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