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Vince's Brother

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I was wondering about Vince's brother in 400 days. I don't think he is dead, since Vince said "I helped my little brother... he was in trouble... I had to help him out". It doesn't sound like he is dead, but in a dilemma with other folks. Who is he? Is he the guy in season two in the preview of episode 2 with the other guys? It looks like he could be Vince or related to Vince. Post a comment and tell me what you think!

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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    For a moment i thought i was the guy in the preview,considering Vince is expected to be in episode 4 but I dont know,Maybe we will never see his brother,Telltale likes to make this pointless connections and never explore them(Vernon's brother,Lee's wife,etc)

    • Who knows, maybe we could run into Lee's wife on their way up to Wellington...

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        SaltLick305 BANNED

        I've always had a feeling that BONNIE is Lee's wife ,I mean look at where she is in the picture of 400 days,She became a druggie after what happened between Lee and the senator,And she got the drugs out of Lee's parents drugstore,and in her story who is the guy she interacts the most and flirts with LEEEland

        • Nah, Bonnie's voice doesn't sound similar to Lee's ex-wife's during his dream.

          • OK, we need to get back to the topic of Vince's Bro. We can save this conversation for another thread.

            Right, it has to relate... umm...

            Vince has nice..... hair?

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              SaltLick305 BANNED

              His Clothes in the epilogue are really nice, Nah being serious, what role do you guys think Vince and the rest of the 400 people will play in season 2? Will they be a major part of the story or just be thrown in there for a couple scenes or Cameo appearences?

              • at some point there will have to be an appearance of Tavia's community, which must include part of the 400 days group. They have to do this because otherwise the choices made in it were pointless. The people from the 400 days group that would have wanted to go most to Tavia's irrespective of choices will make an appearance, because it would be too much of a strain for TellTale to create various scenes containing different members of the group. So I think Bonnie and Vince will definitely play a part, and possibly the rest will have cameo scenes.

                • In the comics Glenn mentioned he had some financial troubles, but I don't think he owed money to some thug that Vince took care off. It's a longshot that they could be related.

  • Can someone find an image of Vince then the guy with the hood in the episode 2 preview?

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