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What sort of playthroughs do you have?

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I was just about to start another playthrough of the whole game and it got me wondering what playthroughs other people have.

I have

Original - All my original reactions and decisions

Pro Kenny- Literally side with Kenny on everything and hate on Lilly and Christa at every opportunity. In situations without Kenny I try to make decisions that I think Kenny would make

Canon - On this one I make the decisions that make the most sense to how the story plays out and also how the game would be if we had no decisions.

Pro Lilly/Christa- I'm doing this one next, Side with Lilly/Christa the whole time, hate on Kenny and his family at every opportunity.

  • One original playthrough,
    One complete opposite from original playthrough,
    one asshole playhrough

  • one pro-Kenny, one rational playthrough - make decisions for the good of the group, not certain individuals, one rational/pro-Clem playthrough.

  • I can't play through THAT much.

    In my original (which I unfortunately lost before episode 5 came out, goddamnit.) I was on Kenny's bad side despite trying to be his friend, because I saved Shawn and tried to help Larry. I was actually so naive that

    In my replay, I was Kenny's best buddy who did everything right by him, but outside of that I tried to play Lee as uncompromising - I killed the St John's, gave the bitten lady in ep 1 the gun, etc. This was kind of cheating though, because knowing about S2, I made my choices based on how I want to shape Clementine rather than what I thought was best personally. I want her to do whatever's necessary to survive and not take any chances, even if she has to be a bit ruthless at times, so that's how I played and that's what I told her. "Don't trust anyone."

  • I've done three:

    My original and then I played through it again because I wanted to see what the stranger at the end would say if I didn't kill Danny St. John in front of Clementine, leave Lilly on the side of the road, and left Clementine at the mansion with Omid while I went to Crawford. I just finished my third which was basically what zyoxo did: prepare Clementine for S2.

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